Want to know if it’s a boy or girl?

Our Facebook fans sounded off on this interesting question.

I didn't find out with my 2 sons but I did with my 3rd, which is a girl...yay - Tracey Bruton

Yes, it made shopping easier... It was still a great surprise and exciting waiting for the 20 week scan to determine the gender :D - Yvette Peters

No, I wanted it to be a surprise. I wish for a boy and I got my surprise! - Tania Horne

NO WAY I had 4 surprises as it doesn't matter what the sex of your child is as long as it is healthy as for shopping well that never bothered me as i like my babies in white. - Rae Bates

I haven't and I wont but I wish for a boy. Those who do it, is it for planning purposes or just being curious? - Tshepo Tsp Deep Shuping

I didn't with my older son, but with the second one I did because he SO wanted a brother, I thought I might have damage control to do if it was a girl. But as it turned out, he got the brother he wanted. - Adele Hamilton

No, she kept her legs closed... lets hope she continues that when she is older :-) - Gman Gman

I wanted to know for both my daughters because I wanted to name them while they were in tummy. For me it was important part of the bonding experience. PS: But if one day I should have a third, I think I would keep it a surprise because hubbie is desperate for a boy! - Andrea Tomasicchio

Yes. For planning purposes and because I was too curious to wait. Also, I wanted a boy really badly and thought that if I found out and it was a girl, I could get my mind around it then and not when baby was born. I will find out with the next one as well. - Kim Muller

Didn't find out with #1, but was convinced #2 was a girl, & would've needed a whole new nursery! I was quite sad to find out it was a boy, but wouldn't change him for the world now! - Rebecca Van Eeden
To plan for a girl - active before day 12. Plan for a boy - active day 13 on words. That is a fact. I knew with all 3 mine before doctor told me. - Bernadette Hickman Loock

Yes,found out with all 3! The 1st pregnancy was enough of a surprise. Wanted to be as prepared as I could for her birth. And with the second and third, curiosity got the better of me. And besides I try to be as organised as possible! - Thameen Van Der Schyff

No and it was definitely worth the wait, I think at least the 1st should b a surprise! - Fathima Patel

Yes! Didn't like the idea of buying green, white and yellow. Got pink the 1st time round, now it's all blue! Nothing better than planning the nursery in appropriate colours =) - Brigitta Ellis-Nel

Yep. Just to know what to expect and get used to the idea. I laughed when I was told it's a boy. I didn't see myself as a boy's mommy, as I've been teaching little girls for so long. Hubby wanted a BOY and I was happy his wish came true. Girl or boy A Blessing indeed. - Refiloe Bahumi

Didn't do it with my eldest son but did it with my 2nd child. He really, really wanted a brother (he was adamant and wouldn't hear about sisters) and I felt that I needed to prepare him/do damage control if it was a girl. Luckily it was a boy. - Julia Webber

I didn't with no 1, but same as Adele and Julia I found out with number 2 in case I needed to get him used to the idea if he had a sister. With the twins we found out since we were doing the in depth scan anyway. Son 1 was happy about the boy, and we did a lot of 'talking up' the sister. Now 3 months later he dotes on her! - Soraya Sahabodien Noor

Yes I did but both times they were wrong! Luckily I waited until my babies were born before I bought blue or pink! - Caroline Moolman

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