Our IVF journey: What triplets need

Now it was time to start thinking of prams, cots, clothing, nappies and most importantly space!  Even though we live in a security estate, our house is tiny compared to most of the mansions around us, and the two spare bed rooms were too small for all three babies. Never the less I converted one of the rooms into a baby room and my husband made some adjustments to the cupboard so that we could fit all the nappies, baby goodies and their clothes in.

I thought it wise not to buy too many new born nappies and rather concentrated on premmie nappies. I found that cheap premmie nappies just wouldn’t cut it so I bought Huggies premmie nappies which were apparently a better quality.

How things change
We converted our lounge into a semi-baby room to fit in the cots and where we would sleep with them for the first couple of months.  My sporty red Landy was traded in for a white long wheel base Landy and eventually even that was traded in for a kombi!

We decided on one single and one twin pram, it just made more sense when walking through doors etc. with it and it was less bulky. You quickly realize that with multiples - nice and fancy is out and cheap (but not too cheap) and practical is in. There is just no spare change, or space for the little unnecessary extras.
We bought camping cots, one for each of them, although for the first 4 months they slept in their carry cots.  We also bought apnea mattresses. These are special devices placed under babies mattress and an alarm goes off should baby stop breathing while he/she sleeps and thank goodness ours never went off! 
Premmie clothes were bought and made, as well as special premmie dummies. Hoodies, and great granny knitted booties were also must haves.

I decided to arrange my own stork tea, I politely requested from the guests on their invites what should be bought as I concentrated mainly on nappies and clothes for when they were older. 
I was quite lucky as far as this was concerned, my work threw me a stork tea, there was the one I gave myself and a family member arranged one for me. So at the end of the day we only had to concentrate on buying all the premmie clothes and nappies which can be very expensive!

We looked for the plainest cheapest cots but after adding each ones mattress, pillows and linen it cost about R800.00 a cot. The premmie nappies, which we could only find at a single store, were also quite expensive. The premmie clothes were just as rare and expensive and were so tiny!

Triplets take a lot of work, a lot of money and a lot of space but it’s all worth it in the end.

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