6 normal but unexpected side effects of having a bump


1. My navel is protruding

If your belly button is now poking all the way out, don't panic. As the swelling uterus pushes forward so the belly button pops forward. It should return to normal a few months after your baby has arrived.

2. My belly is itching

If nothing seems to take away the constant itching on your belly, then you're not alone. As your belly grows, the skin is forced to stretch rapidly. This leaves your skin moisture deprived. Instead of scratching, lather on unscented moisturiser or place something cool on your belly. If however you develop a rash, visit your doctor. 

3. I am passing a lot of wind

Burping and passing wind more than you'd like to admit is unfortunately quite common in pregnancy. This is because you have an increase of the hormone progesterone which can cause digestive problems. They can continue later into pregnancy when your baby is taking up most of the room in your abdomen.

4. My boobs are leaking

This milky, thick substance is colostrum, which is made for your baby's first feeds. But leaking colostrum during pregnancy doesn't mean you won't produce enough when your baby is born. It just means you may have to invest in breastpads sooner than you thought. Breasts can also leak due to sexual stimulation. If it bothers you while you are being intimate, perhaps ask your partner to explore other areas of your body for now.

5. I am so clumsy

You haven't had any alcohol but you are feeling a little woozy? It's all quite normal. Your expanded belly causes a shift in your centre of gravity and can throw you off balance. Your lack of sleep may also have something to do with your loose footing. Try slowing down and take care when you are walking. Be extra cautious in bathrooms or areas with wet floors. 

6. My pelvis is sore

The sharp, stabbing pain you may feel down the side of your abdomen when you reach out to grab something is called round ligament pain. Some women experience pain on one side, and others on both. Round ligaments are found on either side of the uterus and offer support to the uterus. When you make a fast movement, this stretching makes them sensitive and this is why they spasm. Try avoiding sudden or jerky movements. This pain is normal but if you are unsure it is the round ligaments you are feeling, rather get it checked out by your doctor.

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