My child can’t talk properly

It’s a thrill when your child starts to communicate with spoken language. But some children struggle to start speaking, or to communicate clearly once they do.

Here are some of the speech-related questions posed by Parent24 users, and answers from occupational therapy expert Paula Barnard-Ashton. Not all speech problems require occupational therapy, but it may sometimes be used in addition to speech therapy.

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Is there a problem?

'My 9-year-old son is in grade 4 and his teachers are satisfied with his progress at school but I am not happy with his dialogue. He seems far behind his age with his dialogue. He likes to play a lot but he does not talk much ...His sentences are very short and he forgets words.' Vincent

Paula answers: 'Yes, by 9 years old your son should be able to relate events that he has experienced in a chronological sequence as a story. Not talking much can be a personality trait, and may just be the "way he is", but if you are concerned it is probably for a reason.'

Should she have two types of therapy?

'The speech therapist has referred my 6-year-old to an OT, saying she could have Sensory Integration deficiency. She is a normal child, not yet talking fluently but understandable and loses focus when doing her work. Does she need two therapies? I don't want to confuse her.' Jennifer

Paula answers: 'Two therapies will not confuse your daughter as they work on different systems in the body. I have worked with many speech therapists, and often find that the best results to therapy are when a child received them simultaneously as the body then develops as a unit, more integrated.’

My hyperactive son struggles to pronounce words

'I think my 4-year-old son is hyperactive. He doesn't sit still long enough to complete a task. His teacher also suggested that I take him for speech therapy. He struggles to pronounce words properly. We speak Afrikaans at home, the creche is bilingual, but mostly English. I don't know if this is the cause.' Renee

Paula answers: ‘...identifying the cause of the hyperactivity is a priority as it can have definite influence on his speech development.’

He speaks his own language

'My son is 1yr 9mnths. He says about 4 words and still speaks baby language. He talks a lot and will have a conversation with you, but in his own language.' Tiffany

Paula answers:
‘I really would not worry about it at this stage. Many toddlers use their “own” language, and some develop clear speech later than others.’

Will occupational therapy help?

‘My son is 4 years old and is not speaking well, he has had speech therapy. He also seems to be struggling a little to comprehend things i.e. names and to relay stories or what happened at school. Do you think occupational therapy will assist him?’ Lynda

Paula answers: ‘Occupational therapy does not really focus on speech the way a speech therapist does, and if this is his primary problem, then speech therapy is the way to go.’

You can also ask speech-related questions of our developmental expert Dr Melodie de Jager.

How has your child’s speech developed? Have you sought out any therapies?
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