How South Africa's parents discipline

Being a parent is not easy. It's even harder when your little angel turns into something resembling a Tasmanian Devil and suddenly the issue of discipline rears it's difficult head.

It's not a simple task to decide what counts as a sufficient punishment for any particular "crime". And as Mom or Dad, you're the one who has to make that call for your individual children.

What is discipline?

Discipline means different things for different people. For some it's physical and involves a smack on the bum or something more severe. For others it may mean calmly explaining the wrongful deed and working from there. At the end of the day, no one can tell you how to teach your child the life lessons that you want them to learn.

According to the Kids Nation Survey 2014, the most popular form of discipline is reasoning. 41% of parents said they reason with their children while 30% of parents said that they discipline with a "slap on the bum".

A modest 24% of the parents who took our survey use the naughty chair or time-out spot as punishment. A small percentage, only 5%, said that they don't discipline at all.

How do other parents discipline?

We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers how they choose to discipline their children. Here are some of their answers.

"The naughty corner is our friend." - @Mo_Yaeesh

"Mostly naughty corner or time out. If the 'offence' is potentially dangerous (run across a road) then a smack is the only way."  - @BradleyPoultney

"I have the 'look' which stops any misdemeanor in their tracks. but if it's something that is done, guilt trip and taking away privileges works well." - LindiBleu

"It depends on the situation is. I usually take my child aside and have a good talking to them or I give them a flat hand smack on their bum. My kids ( 2 and 5 yrs) understand its a consequence of bad behaviour. I don't abuse them or hit out of anger, but its something that they respond to. I don't smack them for small things either, so not often at all, but will if I find it necessary." - Brigitta

"We do time ins, redirection & lots of love. I never hit, smack, shame or isolate." - Jessica

"Taking away pocket money works like a dream for my 8 yrs old son." - Dee-Anne

"Depends on the reason. I believe all kids should learn from their mistakes so each situation calls for different discipline." - Tarryn

"My son is 3years old & since i am a teacher i am too strict. I believe in God's word the bible. Spare the rod you spoil the child." - Leaticia

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Click here to see the full results of the 2014 Parent24 Kids Nation Survey.
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