Caspar Lee, SA’s YouTube sensation

Caspar Lee calls himself “that South African teenager who sometimes talks to a camera”, but that’s a huge understatement- Not only do videos on his YouTube channel attract anything between 250 000 and 750 000 views, but his Twitter following is at a staggering 134 000 (this week!). Parent24 had the opportunity to get to know the super-teen behind the computer.

Caspar, your popularity on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is growing daily, in one direction. How did you manage to attract such a phenomenal following?

To be honest I don't fully understand why I'm growing so fast but it definitely has something to do with the group of YouTubers I have associate myself with. We are always interacting and collaborating with one another, this means that if someone finds one of us they will probably find all of us. I'm also lucky enough to have a following that spreads the word about me and my videos.

What made you choose a YouTube channel, when SA is only cottoning on to YouTube channels now?

We got uncapped internet about 2 years ago and watching YouTube channels quickly replaced TV for me. I was so intrigued by the interaction one could have with the person on the screen. I also loved entertaining so I just created my own content. I was shocked by the amount of South Africans not doing the same thing as me; I guess they just didn't have the right internet connection or something. As internet improves in this country, so will the amount of YouTubers.

Your mom features in some of your videos. Has she got an active role in giving you ideas, and does she enjoy her time in front of the camera?

Yes she comes up with a fair amount of my ideas and we just have such a great connection which comes out in our videos together. She enjoys her time in front of the camera and loves interacting with my viewers on twitter too!

Your niece and nephew: It looks like you enjoy goofing around with them. Do they understand that you’re almost as popular as a regular TV show?

They don't have a clue how many people actuality watch them, I told them that a million people have seen their videos but I don't think they know what a million is, all they care about is sweets!
We can’t help but notice that some of your fans are totally Caspar-obsessed. How do you cope with the attention, especially from the girls? Does it ever feel like it’s too much?

I still don't understand what they see in me but it's really nice of them. Honestly, I don't take it seriously when they say amazingly nice/unrealistic things about me just as I don't take it seriously when haters say really horrible/unrealistic things about me. Of course it has improved my confidence but I will never actually see myself as they sometimes do. It's easy to cope with because most girls are just being really nice to me.

Do you censor yourself, or do you just speak your mind?

I do sometimes censor myself, it may not look that way with some of the swearing and stuff that happens in my videos but I sometimes have to stop myself from going way too far because I am a role model to some of the younger viewers and I can't just say things that I see as a joke but they might see as advice.

Ever had any problems with cyber-bullying, trolls or other internet oddities?

Yeah, whenever my videos hit the front page of YouTube anywhere in the world, horrible comments will follow. They will usually be about how ugly, stupid, worthless I am and how I should die. I just laugh at these comments because sometimes I click on the commenter's account and I see he/she has said the same thing to hundreds of other videos in his/her comment history. These are just insecure souls who are probably not very happy with their lives, taking it out on others.

Got any tips about what works best in a YouTube channel? Would you recommend it to other teens?

If you want to do well on YouTube you have to make friends with other YouTubers on your level and support one another. You must work as a team and appear in one another's videos. Even if you do this over the internet, just make it happen. No matter how good your content is, unless you are extremely lucky, nobody will see it without a lot of hard work promoting yourself, so why not promote others and get them to promote you?
You’re a digital media master, and you’re 18-years-old. Will you be sticking with what you know, or do you have any exciting projects lined up? What’s next, for Caspar Lee?

Haha, that's very kind of you. I love what I do, I will be doing it for the rest of my life regardless of whether people still care about what I have to say but career wise I hope to someday work in radio and maybe on TV while still maintaining my YouTube channel and keeping my viewers entertained. I don't want to go to university anymore as I believe that I can achieve a lot more out in the real world in the next 3 years than what I'd achieve at uni. I also want to do a load of travelling, I have viewers in every country, even in North Korea! (at least that's what my stats tell me) so I'd love to travel to meet as many as I can but I'm sorry to say I won't actually be visiting the ones in North Korea, yet.

What makes you happiest?

Joking around with my best friends and family.

Who does your hair?

My bed!

Thanks for chatting to us!

If you'd like to find out more about Caspar Lee, check out his YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter. He's on Facebook, too!

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