AS IT HAPPENED: When was the end of 'wrestling match'? Judge asks Rohde

2018-06-05 09:44

Murder accused Jason Rohde has ended his time on the witness stand in the Western Cape High Court over the death of his wife. There is no Live Stream for the Rohde trial today.

Murder accused Jason Rohde testifies during his tr

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05 Jun 12:11

05 Jun 12:05
Perumal says his role is to assist the court, not to act as an advocate for a particular party.

05 Jun 12:05
The pathologist also interpreted scientific evidence in 5 areas in the Henri #VanBreda case.

05 Jun 12:00

05 Jun 11:59
Perumal was also an expert witness in the Oscar Pistorius case. He assisted with Reeva Steenkamp's autopsy.

05 Jun 11:37

05 Jun 11:32
Perumal was the first forensic pathologist to go into the private sector. He is considered an expert at second autopsies.

05 Jun 11:31

05 Jun 11:27

Van der Spuy: "Can I infer that you have performed in excess of 10 000 autopsies in your career to date?"

Permimal: "That is correct my lord"

05 Jun 11:26
Perumal's notable cases include the death of former South African cricketer Tertius Bosch, the murder trial of Waseem Agha, who was accused of killing his pregnant wife, 7-month-old baby, and his father-in-law, and the murder trial of socialite Rajiv Narandas

05 Jun 11:23
Perumal was part of the legal team for Oscar Pistorius who was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp

05 Jun 11:21
Dr Reggie Perumal is based in Westville, KwaZulu Natal

05 Jun 11:15

Rohde is excused from the stand.

Van der Spuy now calls pathologist Dr Reggie Perumal as a witness.

05 Jun 11:12

05 Jun 11:10
Rohde says he could see the feet protruding past the door frame. He didn't have to look behind the door to see the feet.

05 Jun 11:09

Salie-Hlophe asks what part of Susan's feet he saw when he entered the bathroom

Rohde says they were flat and pointed. They was a 10cm distance between her feet.

05 Jun 11:07

05 Jun 11:06

Rohde says he doesn't know what Susan read into that.

Rohde: She just came to the realisation that even after our marriage counselling, I was deceitful.

05 Jun 11:06

05 Jun 11:03

Salie-Hlophe: You didn't use the word "get divorced" when you told Susan you would sort things out in Johannesburg?

Rohde: I meant get divorced.

05 Jun 11:01

05 Jun 11:01
Van der Spuy says he has no re-examination.

05 Jun 10:09

05 Jun 10:08
Van Niekerk puts it to Rohde that he staged Susan's suicide when he realised she was lifeless.

05 Jun 10:06

05 Jun 10:05

Van Niekerk asks about Susan's fitness.

Rohde says Susan was a runner.

Van Niekerk says that given that Susan is a runner, it is unlikely that she would've tripped on her way from Alterskye's room

05 Jun 10:05

Van Niekerk asks if Rohde was worried when he couldn't open the door. Rohde says he had "an uneasy feeling".

Van Niekerk asks why he didn't convey that concern to reception when he made the call for a handyman.

Rohde: I never dreamed that Susan would kill herself.

05 Jun 10:00

05 Jun 09:58
Van Niekerk says he finds it hard to believe that Rohde didn't check the lock, given that he has teenage daughters. Rohde says this has never been the case with his daughters as there are no keys in his home bathroom.

05 Jun 09:56

Van Niekerk asks whether he checked the lock. Rohde says it didn't cross his mind to use a teaspoon, he's never been in this position before.

"I'm sorry, but that's the truth," he says.

05 Jun 09:55

Van Niekerk takes Rohde through the moments before he found Susan's body.

Rohde says he kicked and used his shoulder to open the bathroom door but says "it didn't budge an inch".

05 Jun 09:54

05 Jun 09:47
Rohde's blood was also found on the bed. Van Niekerk asks if he can recall bleeding in the room. Rohde says he can't recall and that the blood splatter was minimal.

05 Jun 09:47

05 Jun 09:45
Van Niekerk questions #Rohde about his wife's appearance, the night before she died. Van Niekerk notes that eye make-up was still found on her body. Removing her makeup before going to bed is part of her beauty regimine. Why would she deviate from her routine?

05 Jun 09:44

05 Jun 09:44

Jason Rohde is accused of murdering his wife  

Judge Gayaat Salie-Hlophe is hearing the case against Jason Rohde.  

She was appointed to the Bench in 2015.  

Graduated from UWC in 1994, admitted as an attorney in 1998.

05 Jun 09:44

Jason Rohde: 'Not in a million years did I believe Susan would commit suicide'

When Jason Rohde couldn't access the bathroom of his Spier Hotel suite and there was no response from his wife Susan inside, he thought she was just mad at him after a lengthy fight, the Western Cape High Court heard.

05 Jun 09:44

Jason Rohde appeared reluctant to put cord around model during hanging demonstration

When Jason Rohde came under cross-examination in the Western Cape High Court, he seemed reluctant to wrap the cord of a curling iron around a police officer during a demonstration.

05 Jun 09:44

'Susan was not naked,' Rohde insists, despite handyman's testimony

Both murder accused Jason Rohde and maintenance man Desmond Daniels saw Susan Rohde's dead body in the bathroom of the Spier hotel room the morning she was found. But one contends that she was naked, and the other insists she was dressed in a gown.

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