Dear Daryll ...

Daryll Cullinan (Gallo Images)
Daryll Cullinan (Gallo Images)
Dear Daryll,

I would of referred to you as Mr. Cullinan but my respect for you seems to have taken a serious shot the last few days. Considering that when I was younger you were one of my favorite players, the class was something brilliant…

I read a rather disturbing article whereby you slam Jacques Kallis and labelled the current test the “Kallis Show”. Correct me if I am wrong, but do I sense a bit of jealousy here? We all cannot help the fact that your career was riddled with controversy and was rather silent? We cannot help the fact that your career ended into a dismal silence, one that nobody almost remembers? That my “friend”, is your fault.

Kallis on the other hand, will be remembered for decades to come, you know, since he scored more than 3 times the amount of test runs than you did. And besides the fact that Kallis’ bowling massively outweighs your futile attempt at 20 test overs… Granted, you could catch a ball, right? …Right?

Kallis has been labelled as one of the best of all time. You should be honored to even have played with him. Give the man the credit he deserves. His final test is against a tough team and he deserves all the limelight he receives. If the Indians can give him a walk of honor, why can’t you share the same respect? Do you think that the South Africans had something to do with that or do you think that Dhoni and his team have respect for the living legend? I am so disappointed in you Daryll. You and Kallis were on the same team, walked on the same fields, batted on the same pitches and shared the same change rooms. You are a disgrace to South African cricket, Daryll.

I also feel that you have lost the plot with regards to the responsibility of the leaders of the current Proteas team. I doubt for 1 minute that Smith would even consider allowing this test match to turn into a chaos ridden event. We are currently in battle with the second best test team in the world and the Indians are more hungry than ever, with serious points to prove considering the politics around this whole tour. You think the team would really lose focus? Are you so delusional? The best test team in the world? …Really?

Now Daryll, at this point of this open letter, my advice to you would be the following: Rather don’t comment on cricket unless you are teaching at your academy… However, this academy does not seem to be doing well, considering your current financial situation regarding Azrapix Investments CC. A position I firmly believe that you would NOT of been in were you half as good as Jacques Kallis.

Kind regards,

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