Do the Kings deserve S15?

Kings (Gallo Images)
Kings (Gallo Images)
As I am writing this I am thinking I am going to get dragged over the coals because I am a lion’s supporter and will be blamed for being bias towards them.
The decent answer would be YES; they are representing a province in South Africa and should have the right to represent their province and supporters at the highest level, having said that then all provinces in South Africa should have the same right and privilege. Now let look at the history of the super 15 and how the teams playing got selected.
This competition has its root in the South Pacific championship started in 1986 and lasted until 1990 with no tournament being played in 1991 it was relaunched in 1992 as THE SUPER  6 and was played between 3 teams from New Zealand and 2 teams from Australia and 1from 1993 with the return of South Africa into international rugby it was revamped into the super 10 and the 3 top teams at that time Transvaal, Natal and Northern Transvaal , Transvaal being the Currie cup holders, Natal the runner ups and Northern Transvaal in 3rd place. The super 10 was won by Transvaal in 1993 and by Queensland in 1994 and 1995. With the declaration of professionalism in rugby union in 1995 the super 10 was restructured and SANZAR was formed (South Africa, New Zealand and Australian Rugby) to administer a 12 team provincial competition with regional teams from the 3 nations as well as a Tri- Nations Test series. The major reason for a super 12 was due to the threat from rugby league and TV rights worth millions of US$. The super 12 kicked off in 1996 with 4 teams from South Africa, 5 from New Zealand and 3 from Australia. Once again the 4 top teams from south Africa got selected, Natal Sharks (Currie cup holders) Golden lions (runner up), northern Transvaal, and western Province (3rd and 4th). Auckland blues won 1996, 1997and 2003, Crusaders 1998,1999,2000,2002 and 2005, Brumbies 2001and 2004, a South African team never won the super 12 although Natal made 2 finals losing 2000 Australia and South Africa wanted to include 1 more team each into the competition and there was talk of introducing a team from the south pacific islands as well as a team from Argintina.also in 2000 provincial names were dropped by the New Zealand sides and south Africa followed where teams participation was decided on Currie cup placings.Up until now not all south African provinces where being represented and negotiations/arguments between all provinces started as everyone now wanted a piece of this cash cow. Not like New Zealand and Australia where franchises were formed and all district were represented without arguments South Africa with its apartheid past and new cash grabbing politicians who would pull the race card to achieve their goals now had a problem. How would franchises be formed and how would all of South Africa be represented. The main criteria would still be Currie cup position but the franchises could widen their nets to select players from all over SA, Transvaal became the Lions and formed the Cats and represented The Lions, The leopards,Pumas,Free State,Griffons and  Griqas.The bulls supporting Pretoria,The Falconsand the East Rand,the Stomers  covering Boland,SWD  Eagles and the coastal sharks drawing from Natal,Eastern Province kings and border bulldogs. This pretty much covered all districts. The Cats played games at Ellis park and at the free State stadium, the Stomers played games at Newlands and Wellington, the bull played at loftus and the coastal sharks played at kings park however it was offered to Eastern Province that games be played at Kings park and in Port Elizibath they decided not to and only ask for royalties thereby selling out their players and fans.In 2006 the Super 14 was launched,  Australia and South Africa where awarded 1 more team each. Australia formed the Western Force  but once again argument broke out in South Africa. The Free State broke away from the Cats and formed the Cheetahs and Eastern province (Bulldogs, Kings, and SWD) broke away from the coastal Sharks and formed the Southern Spears. The Southern Spears was essentially formed in 2009 to play a midweek game against the touring British and Irish Lions with the possibility of inclusion into the super 14 but no time table was given and cheeky Watson the president of EP agreed that this was a step in the right direction for EP to host top flight rugby (even though they turned it down with the coastal sharks) the southern spears was a SARU baby and was financially supported by them. The Cheetahs with a strong and stable fan base, financially and administratively stable and having already played in the super 12 (1997 as WP did not qualify) where selected as a stronger team as the southern spears who were e being funded by SARU and have never won the Currie cup in fact finishing in the bottom half of the league ever time the played. The crusaders won the super 14 in2006 and the bulls won in 2007 .
Super 15
With the launch of the Super 15 the Southern spears lost their bid to play to the new Australian side the Rebels, this made perfect sense as now all three countries would have 5 teams each. The Spears were not happy with this and went to the courts to try getting an inclusion into the competition. They lost their court bid and an agreement was struck. The kings would get a place in the super 15 in 2016 if it was expanded to accommodate them and this is still under negotiations but the kings should first win division 1 of the Currie cup and win promotion into the Currie cup. On three attempts the king failed to win promotion and the fighting/arguing started all over. Cheeky Watson now drew the race card saying EP players where not being represented in their own province and where being poached by other unions, SARU eventually gave in and gave the kings a place in the super 15 at the cost of the lions who buy their own fault where the worst performing team in the super 2013 the Kings played in the super 15 but surprisingly the team was not very well represented by EP PLAYERS and Cheeky Watson still tried to include 6 international player 2 more than allowed by SARU rules. Although they did not perform as badly as expected they still never beat any of the South African franchises proving once again that they are the worst provincial team in SA.thay are now in a battle in their promotion relegation games going down to the lions in front of their home fans and to a team that has had very little top flight game time. The Lions should win the second leg and knock the kings out of super 15.if this happens I think we are in for some interesting time ahead with Mr Cheeky Watson who in my opinion has only his pocket at interest.
Now back to the question.
Do the kings deserve to play super 15 rugby?
YES if they can prove themselves and win promotion into Currie cup Rugby
But a big NOOOOOO
It is a kick in the face to BOLAND, GRIQUAS, and PUMAS who have all been in the Currie Cup
They had a chance with the Coastal Sharks
They want a political solution and not a sporting one
And last but most important THEY ARE SIMPLY JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH
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