Fans fume at ex-Bulls hunters

Bakkies Botha (Twitter)
Bakkies Botha (Twitter)
Pretoria - Sport24 readers have expressed their outrage over hunting pictures posted on Twitter by several former Bulls players.

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Four former Bulls players are at the centre of a hunting controversy in the aftermath of the uproar that greeted American hunter Melissa Bachman’s infamous Facebook image of her having killed a male lion.

The foursome - Bakkies Botha, Fourie du Preez, Danie Rossouw and Victor Matfield - all uploaded the pictures to their respective Twitter accounts.

This is what Sport24 readers had to say about the pictures:

"Animal murderers!" - Sprinkles Venter
"Hunt for the pot then it's all good, but as soon as it's a trophy sport with animals that you're not going to eat or make biltong/droëwors of - then I disagree with hunting. And don't tell me about the "big picture". Eat what you kill or don't kill!" - Adrian Bruwer

"Cows are domesticated animals bred and then killed for their meat. No-one bragg with photo's on twitter about the cow they killed. These animals are hunted for sport, not for any other purpose. Totally different." - Chris in Oz

"This is a damn disgrace from these players. I don't care how many people think that this is normal. Its shameful. I've lost so much respect for these IDIOTS." - Dave Jeffries

"Must make them feel very proud killing animals for pleasure." - Pootycat

"And there goes my respect for them..." - Debbie Dippenaar

"Hunting is mainly a man's thing. Aiming a rifle at an animal give them the power they lack at home." - Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg

"Whichever way you look at it, hunting is a cowardly sport. Try shooting something which can shoot back." - Andre Wagener

"Is this supposed to be some kind of achievement photo, Bakkies sittinig next to this beautiful creature, proud of having killed it. Rather leave photos like these out of the media, it hurts people like me, who are very much opposed to trophy hunting. I think it's disgusting and definitely nothing to be proud of Bakkies." - Tanja Meiring

"This is said this is very sad. Killing animals for the fun of it." - Hansie Crook

"No Victor, not cool." - Barabara Smith

"Hunting is wrong..there is nothing sustainable or responsible about it!! Ever!! Shameful for guys who are in the limelight and should know better. And who owe it to society to behave and conduct themselves in a responsible manner ona nd off the field. This can never be forgiven." - Vinola Govender

"Inconsiderate! What's so cool about prolonging the pain of a shot animal just to take photos? What's the point of parading it to the world? Just to prove you are a bunch of butchers on your day off? If this was in the 'civilized US' there would be an uproar. But because this is 'wild Africa' it is okay!" - Innocent Knatha

"Stupid idiots, no normal civilized person would get a thrill out of hunting." - Mark Heath

"I think this is all very sick. Why do all these beautiful animals have to be killed for the fun of it. These guys have lost my total respect. I am so disappointed. Sic." - Ken Smith

"Image 10 is so sad, just look at the eyes of the animal. Totally shocked. IF any of these players are in the team, I will hope they get injured and left out of the squad, bunch of murderers." - Mariska Vermeulen

"Wow, big brave men, so impressive....NOT!!!" - Allen Wilson

"I can't believe what I am seeing. Why is it necessary to kill animals. Have you not proved your masculinity on the Rugby field? Were you so hungry that you have had to hunt for your food? No longer a fan!" - Robin Searle

"Hunting for food etc, I can accept. What I cannot understand is that these people get joy out of killing. That is just so wrong on so many disturbing levels." - Hayden Gawronsky

Danie Rossouw's hunting pic. (Twitter)

HAVE YOUR SAY: Is there a difference between Milissa Bachman's hunting picture of a Lion and these former Bulls players' (mostly) edible game hunting pictures? Send your thoughts to Sport24.
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