Fans slam 'disgraceful' CSA

CSA CEO Haroon Lorgat (Gallo Images)
CSA CEO Haroon Lorgat (Gallo Images)
Cape Town - Cricket fans have reacted with unprecedented fury following the confirmation of the itinerary for India's shortened tour to South Africa in December.

After negotiations between Cricket South Africa (CSA) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), a three-ODI and two-Test tour was agreed upon and confirmed in a cautiously worded statement on Wednesday.

The Wanderers in Johannesburg and Kingsmead in Durban will each host one ODI and a Test, while the third ODI will be played at SuperSport Park in Centurion.

This means that Newlands in Cape Town - by some distance the best-supported ground in the country - will miss out completely.

In addition, CSA appear to have forgotten the number of matches in summer in Durban that have been affected by weather/bad light in recent years. Just ask Dolphins fans on how many occasions rain has cost their team!

Readers of Sport24 reacted with anger and disgust at CSA's seemingly "yes sir, anything you say, sir" attitude towards the BCCI.

I refuse to partake in any cricket viewing where India are concerned. I support my team (Proteas) and I proud of their achievements in spite of the poor administration
- Ian Wegerle

I am a Durbanite but also a cricket fan and the choice of Durban as a venue is truly ridiculous, particularly given that there are only two tests.  The net result: Durban will be rained out and it will become a single test tour. Pathetic! - Alan Hastings

I think CSA has run out of Vaseline after bending over yet again for the BCCI. Disgrace. - Morne Nortier

Stuff the BCCI, stuff their rubbish called the IPL, stuff their arrogance, and stuff their team!! Support every other team in world cricket vs India! I look forward to the next betting/ match-fixing scandal wrecking their game! - Nick Armstrong

We should be playing the two tests at Potch and Kimberley or even Nelspruit and PMburg. All self respecting cricket lovers should boycott these games - I will. - Geoff Liddiard

It's so sad that we have to bow down to India, are we really that desperate for the Indians? shame on CSA - Kgetsi Pule

Cape Town: The stadium with the most attandence is disregarded? Well CSA its your loss, you cant blame the BCCI for that. Its your choice. - Hansie Crook

Hansie - no doubt the arrogant rubbishes - aka the BCCI - TOLD CSA where they will play too! My goodness - I hope their 2 Test vs the West Indies get rained out or the W.I. win the series - just to "rain on their parade for Tendulkar".. !! Stuff them! - Nick Armstrong

I will not be watching these idiots play anywhere, hope nobody goes to the grounds and CSA learns that it is not the Indians who pay the money for watching, but the SA public? - Ross MacDonald

CSA is a bunch of morons. Newlands loses out due to their stupidity in being bullied by the BCCI. I am officially boycotting anything Protea - Craig Wentzel

Boycotting the tour will only be even worse for SA cricket because we'll lose even more money then. Rather go to the games and bring banners telling the BCCI what to do with themselves. I hope the rest of the cricket world pursues the legal case against the BCCI that Lorgat and that ICC lawyer suggested
- Steven Chiaberta

Durban always has problems with lights whereas in Cape Town you can play until 7 and the sun is still shining. Durban is prone to rain, ask how Dolphins ended up being woodenspoonist in their last 2 seasons. - Hansie Crook

No Cape Town test or ODI? What a joke. May each test be washed away by rain. - Mettie

Let's prepare 2 greentops - and smash them in 3 days! The Tests must be played - we want to crush them 2-0.. !! :) Who TF does the BCCI think they are - I look forward to the arrogant pieces of sh#t coming a cropper - world cricket must stand against them! Support every other team against them! - Nick Armstrong

You pathetic, pathetic, PATHETIC CSA!!!! WTF - two games at Kingsmead - not one at Newlands...!! Oh wait - did the BCCI tell CSA where they will play too..??!! How far did you have to bend over while they reamed you, you pathetic, appeasing, CSA management..?? India want to play in Durban - because it's like a home game to them - and, no doubt, they TOLD CSA where they will play... Just who TF does the BCCI think they are?? India used to be my 2nd favourite team - now I support every team in world cricket against them - and I urge every cricket fan - from Australia to England to the West Indies and Pakistan - support EVERY other team against India! Go Aussie today! :) I hope the game there is rocked by scandal after scandal... Stuff the BCCI!! Stuff their innocuous, meaningless IPL!! Stuff their team!!! (and I'm being polite here) Go our Protea boys - smash, SMASH the rubbishes when they come here - pulverise them - and then the folks in the crowd must boo them too!! South Africa first! :) - Nick Armstrong

Board of Control for World cricket has chosen Durban which is almost like a home ground to them. ICC and CSA has no ballz to do anything. Let them come, the Proteas will teach them a cricket lesson :-)
- Jaycee Bezuidenhout

This so sucks Inda should be banned - Andre Kruger

Why do we always play at Kingsmead!? WHY!? - Johan Benade

Playing cricket against india in durban is like the bokke playing new zealand at newlands(no offense) but seriously, its ridiculous. - Johan Benade

Cape town newlands left out; for what? CSA members needs to b fired with immediate effect. - Xolani Makonco

This is ridiculous, it's holiday time, people at the coast also want to see the Proteas play. The crowds will be bigger and the atmosphere better. CSA need to wake up and stop going to the easy options of Joburg and Pretoria. - Cliffie Rosy Strutt

And the sad thing here is that the SA public that is messed around like this will still flock to the grounds and pack it out. Would it not be great if they played in front of 1 or 2 thousand people instead of a packed stadium. - AndreS

I think the Kingsmead decision is justified. History has shown that games against India played in Durban are usually well attended due to there being many Indians in that region. However, CSA should have atleast given one ODI to Newlands. Playing in Durban is basicaly playing in India's home ground. Lets just hope that the summer rains stay away from the stadium. - Hansie Crook

What a load of crap!!! Not one single game in Cpae Town. Well may all those games be washed out. Dont come crying to Cape Town when you make a big loss on this tour. You know you idiots have crap weather at that time of the year. Gues you CSA idiots dont learn. - Darryl Maze

Never mind the weather, Newlands has had the best attendance figures for both tests and ODIs for over 10 years now, and this is how they treat loyal, paying, bums in seats supporters. Thank you CSA. Screw paying over R200 to go watch the Proteas again. Keep you tickets from now onwards - Ryan Brewster

When bad light and rain ruins some of the matches, they will regret not using Newlands. - trev2

Makes a whole lot of sense. NOT! Gauteng & Kwazulu Natal = summer rain season Western Cape = winter rain season. Newlands also has easilty the best attendance record in the country and they can't see their way clear to allocate 1 game to Newlands. Not even a 1 day'er. where rain can wipe out the entire game. Don't get it. Oh and many of the up country people are in CT over that period! - John Comyn

Another "Brain Fart" from CSA. Could not organise a P..s up in a brewery. - lolaycon

They didn't win the Currie Cup lol, so the 'Sharks' got it?? just unlucky, no-one can claim that CSA has its ducks in a row... - Brett Summersett

What absolute nonsense not having any of the Indian tour games in Cape Town!! We should organise a bouycott at the next Cobras game in protest, maybe they will catch a wake-up and stop taking our local fans forgranted... Heather McCrae

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