Fergie impossible to replace

Sir Alex Ferguson (AFP Photo)
Sir Alex Ferguson (AFP Photo)

Let me start by saying I actually do not support Man U or any of the top 4. I do find the whole Man U situation very interesting. For years I have said Man U best player doesn’t kick a ball. And all of a sudden Man U had lost their “best player” at the end of last season, I knew there was going to be problems. And for the first time in a very longtime, their fans would have to go through what everyone else goes through when it comes to steering a ship.

Fergie will be near impossible to replace. That is the long and short of it. And I think choosing Moyes was a huge mistake. there is a reason why top clubs seem to choose the same top managers. The Hiddenk’s, Ancelotti’s and Mourinho’s of this world. Because there isn’t a conveyor belt of top managers, in fact its quite scary how small this group is. If you a top club, and have a top manager( Wenger at Arsenal for eg) you hold onto that manager forever. Because who do you replace with. Perfect eg is Rodgers, there will always be doubt about him until he starts dominating again. And that is just it, success is measured in trophies and titles.(Wenger seems to not need these, but is a quality manager) These top teams don’t have time to wait for success. Moyes needs to deliver straight away.

Yet how realistic is that expectation? Fergie was a legend. And what he did sometimes with what most would consider as average players, is remarkable. In the modern soccer era, where spending big money to strengthen your squad is common, Fergie and especially Wenger stand out as true man managers. Getting the best of players. And Fergie is the best ever at getting his team to win in the last seconds of games. A never give up mentality has been part and parcel of a Fergie team.

Fast forward 5 months and it doesn’t look the same team. Sure Moyes need time, but this isn’t Swansea. Like all top teams when you take the helm, certain standards are expected. Ancelotti at Real is underachieving, and pressure will start to build if that continues. Its because these top teams are expected to do well.

Moyes isn’t used to it, but is that a good enough excuse for a Man U manager? Can Man U be expected to spend a couple of years outside the top 4? While I have heard some Man U fans say they expect it to take awhile for Moyes to find his feet. That was until they were 12 in the league. The question will always be is he the right man for the job. Because last thing you want is to give him a couple of seasons and find out he isn’t, and have to start again. And my view is if you are an elite club, you need an elite manager.

Let the debate begin……
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