People will get bored of 'Big 3'

BCCI (File)
BCCI (File)
So what about the rest decide to leave, and form their own governing body and force the so called big 3 to play each other every year. I agree with most of the comments that It would become boring and non profitable pretty soon. Richard I know the boxing day test did lure a lot of spectators,but it was partially due to their hunger to see Oz win back the Urn. So I think if England continue their current slide they would not be such a big attraction anymore as is for India,they can't perform outside the subcontinent. Most of the current crop of Aussies are nearing their sell by date and their is not really a bunch of superstars waiting in the wings to take over. So from a strength vs strength point of view it could become a bit of a shambles don't you think. The financial benefits rely on how the fans see a particular contest,so if people get bored with the product the selling of television rights will become less profitable. Yes it will not happen over night,but eventually it will, so if there is no other way out we can forget about cricket in its purest form,just sit back and enjoy the big hullabaloo that t20 cricket had become and we all know its like chewing a bubblegum,sooner or later we will spit it out too, and then the game is gone,cricket is no more! To ensure interest and popularity the game must grow,not curtailed. Everybody talk about how cricket mad the Indians are,that's true to an extent but they are only cricket mad when their own team are on the field. So a weak Oz, and even weaker England team to play against every year will not be their cup of tea in the long run either, That will leave the world game with the farcical and corrupt IPL, so for me this will be the end result of all this if there is not a way out. However I'm absolutely sure their will be a twist in the tail,and the big 3 should prepare them for a sticky wicket come next week and beyond. Cricket has survived a lot of hiccups over the years, as real cricket lovers will know so it will survive this too, I know that!
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