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Jones: United aren't afraid of anyone

Phil Jones (Supplied)
Phil Jones (Supplied)

Cape Town - Manchester United defender Phil Jones insists Jose Mourinho's men do not fear any of the Premier League's top sides despite finishing the season in sixth position.

The Red Devils needed to win the Europa League title in order to qualify for next season's Champions League, but Jones is confident they will be up there with the best in the top flight next season.

United finished six points adrift from fifth-placed Arsenal and were a staggering 24 points behind Premier League champions Chelsea.

"There is no doubt that when everyone is fit and everyone is playing well and confident we can take on anyone," Jones told the club's official website.

"We are not scared of anyone and we do not look at other clubs and think we are miles away from them, far from it. But we know we can certainly challenge better than we have done this season in the league.

"It has been tough at times, especially at home when we have created loads of chances but there has been some goalkeeping heroics or we have made the wrong pass at the key time, but ultimately I think we have had a good season.

"Ultimately the Champions League is where we want to be and the football we want to be playing next season. That is where the club belongs and we had to earn that right. We have learnt a lot from the experience and that can only help us."