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Materazzi reveals Mourinho's secret to success

Jose Mourinho (Getty Images)
Jose Mourinho (Getty Images)
Cape Town - Former Italy international Marco Materazzi has revealed some of the secrets he feels are behind Jose Mourinho's success as a manager.

The pair worked together at Inter Milan where they won plenty of silverware, including the UEFA Champions League in 2010.

The Portuguese coach has been under the spotlight in recent times as Manchester United prepare to face Manchester City in a highly-anticipated derby encounter on Saturday.

Materazzi, who made 41 appearances for the Azzurri, believes there are five key factors that contribute most to Mourinho's success.

He told FootballITALIA website: "Drive, cleverness, knowledge, experience and empathy. Drive: he can multiply energies. We lost 3-1 against Catania and the next day he slaughtered us... four days later we go to London and beat Chelsea.

"Cleverness: He presses all the right buttons, not just his players. Knowledge, that's what he provides his team on the subject of their opponents.

"Experience: Mourinho knows how to win because he's done that a lot, and that in turn is because he started winning so early.

"Empathy: that's the first thing he seeks out with his team, the condition that is absolutely necessary to build a strong group, one that is united and has no cracks. That's what leads you to fight against everything and everyone."