Our referee for today is Michael Oliver. He is assisted by Stuart Burt and Simon Bennett. Manning the VAR monitor is David Coote.
Aston Villa: 25 Olsen, 2 Cash, 16 Chambers, 5 Mings, 27 Digne, 7 McGinn, 6 Douglas Luiz, 41 J Ramsey, 10 Buendía, 23 Coutinho, 11 Watkins. Replacements: 8 Sanson, 15 Traoré, 18 Young, 19 Nakamba, 20 Ings, 33 Chukwuemeka, 38 Sinisalo, 45 Chrisene, 47 Iroegbunam.
Manchester City: 31 Ederson, 5 Stones, 25 Fernandinho, 14 Laporte, 27 Cancelo, 17 De Bruyne, 16 Rodri, 20 Bernardo Silva, 26 Mahrez, 9 Gabriel Jesus, 47 Foden. Replacements: 2 Walker, 6 Aké, 7 Sterling, 8 Gündogan, 10 Grealish, 11 Zinchenko, 33 Carson, 80 Palmer, 87 McAtee.
Aston Villa have won two, drawn two and lost just one of their last five matches. That sole loss came against Liverpool, where Villa took the lead after three minutes but ended up losing 2-1 to what appears to be an indomitable Liverpool side. That victory kept the Anfield outfit within reach of claiming the Premier League title over City. Villa drew 1-1 with 17-placed Burnley in their most recent match.
City have won four of their last five matches, scoring an incredible 19 goals to two in those four wins. Their other result was a 2-2 draw with West Ham United, which came in their most recent match.
Villa are safe in 14th place on 45 points, five ahead of 15th-placed Southampton. There are a bunch of teams narrowly ahead of Villa on points, and if results go their way Villa could rocket up to 10th place with a win over City.
Manchester City are on top of the log with 90 points, just one point ahead of Liverpool but with a superior goal difference of six goals. If Liverpool win then City will need to win hold onto the title of Premier League champions. If Liverpool draw, the only way they could claim the title is if Villa beat City 7-0. Villa's biggest win over City was 5-1… back in 1928!
Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Premier Soccer League match between Manchester City and Aston Villa from the Etihad Stadium in Manchester.
Kick-off! We are underway here at the Etihad!
City with the early pressure and a free-kick in the left corner but it comes to nothing… however, elsewhere…
… news has arrived that Liverpool have gone a goal down to Wolves! Best possible start for City… but never judge an early goal against Wolves by its cover! Still 86 minutes to play!
Cancelo in a good space on the corner of the box has a strike but it deflects off a Villa defender out of danger.
Foden with a nice chop in from the left touchline but Villa defend it with pride, but City have the ball again….
Cancelo and Foden's communication misfires and a potentially good ball into space runs out for a goalkick.
Astonounding ball from Fernandinho from the halfway line into the box and City almost have a second… and then a poor first touch from Olsen almost allows City in again!
Great cross into the box by Villa but City just get it out for a corner. Nice play by the visitors.
City ready to counter but play stops as Digne is grounded by a ball to the face which struck him clean on the jaw. Nasty blow, but he looks like he's regaining his composure nicely after looking like he might have been concussed.
Both sides are wearing armbands in remembrance of five years since the tragic Manchester concert bombings.
Digne is back on and looking strong, clearing a City attack with a big left boot.
Olsen clears quickly this time as Foden rushes towards him, clearly not wanting a repeat of his earlier gaffe.
McGinn heads out for a City corner... and KdB walks towards the corner with menace… but Olsen knuckles it out of the box and Villa have a sniff of an attack before it's snuffed out but the tight City defence.
Villa holding City in their final quarter as the hosts look to play the ball out in their usual controlled fashion… and now De Buryne sends Foden into the box…
… Mahrez dinks into the box, beats a man and crosses past the goalmouth but no-one is able to capitalise.
Cancelo again down to the goalline but his cross it straight out.
City working the ball from Ederson up the field into the Villa half…
… City working the ball from left to right, looking to breach that Villa line… De Bruyn with a beautiful ball for Jesus to run onto but just too stong and it's out for a goalkick.
Rodri caught on the ball and Villa win possession.
City have the corner as the crowd applaud for the 23 people who lost their lives in the Manchester Arena bombing.
City have had 73% of possession and look heavily in control of this match… but it takes just 1% of possession to snatch a breakaway goal.
Digne with a great cross in but Ederson punches clear and City counter at pace, De Bruyne racing box to box before slipping and Foden slams a shot narrowly past Villa's lefthand post.
As expected, the mighty Liverpool side have scored against Wolves, so it's 1-1 there and the status quo returns. One goal from City of Liverpool is enough to make either side champs…
City with good possession, making good runs onto passes, but Villa are offering nothing right now for the hosts.
Cancelo drives hard from inside the box but straight at a Villa defender. City back on attack and Jesus drives hard into Olsen's neck from the goalline… Olsen is shaken but regains possession… but the ref stops place while the keeper has some medical attention.
Villa try to "City" the ball out of their area but end up giving away a throw to City… who return the favour as the match dips into a sudden lull.
Villa over the top but Stones clears from the edge of his box for a throw-in.
Foden with a great tackle near the Villa box and Jesus jumps on possession, dribbles into Villa box but chunks the ball left of the posts. Ref advises Villa skipper against his side time-wasting.
Mahrez with a cross that deflects off Mings and Chambers heads clear from the far post for a City corner that Villa clear.
City have had five shots to Villa's count of zero… but City also have a zero count in terms of shots on target.
City controlling the ball well, attack into the Villa box through some great work by Jesus but the ball is cleared.
City pressing high on Villa… but Villa drive into the City half, a beautiful cross into the box and Cash heads the ball…
INTO THE GOAL! Villa have the lead, and Liverpool can smell the title… but there is 63 minutes of City drama still to play out… and Liverpool either need a winner against Wolves or they need Villa to add another six against City.
GOAL, ASTON VILLA, CASH! 0-1; superb header from Cash that Ederson got a hand to but simply couldn't stop. A goal with the first effort on target in the match
Good attack from City but snuffed out, and Villa respond with an attack on their own up to the City box, but equally snuffed out.
Watkins in the City box has a shot blocked and City are on the counter-attack but Villa win the ball back. Villa are looking like a new side after that goal, which promises to offer us some excellent football this afternoon.
Stones with a cross in from the byline is cleared by Villa and Stones has to recover to tackle Watkins in the City box just as the Villa man was about to unleash a shot from close range at Ederson.
De Bruyne drives a cross in from close range and follows up with a chip that Villa clear for a corner.
Nice lofted ball into the Villa box by De Bruyn but Olsen goes up high to claim the ball.
HALF-TIME! MANCHESTER CITY 0-1 ASTON VILLA. What a turn-up for the books, although few City fans would be surprised to see stumbling over their lines at the last hurdle… but they are magnificent fighting back from a goal down, so the title race is far from over. Villa just need to score six more and the title is Liverpool's… unless, of course, Liverpool get a winner against Wolves, and you wouldn't want to bet against Liverpool doing just that. City have looked good, but Villa have found their feet and their belief after that goal. One way or another, we're in for a world of action in this second half as, once again, the Premier League goes down to the wire.
City with the corner now from Mahrez… delivered beautifully but Laporte's header fails to challenge Olsen, although it does bring up City's first shot on target.
Foden into the box with a good effort, follow up by Cancelo but Villa hold strong.
Jesus into the box to collect a cross, dangerous position but Villa force the ball away from danger, but City are back on the attack… until Coutinho clears the danger.
Foden lashes a cross across the goalmouth but there is no-one there to take advantage of his offering.
Kick-off! We are back underway with the second half at the Etihad.
SUBSTITUTION, CITY, ZINCHENKO! 0-1; Zinchenko is brought on for the legendary Fernandinho, who had struggled throughout the first half. He's a really good player, so a good substitution, although sad that Fernandinho might have played his last game for City
Jesus into the box, goalmouth melee, ball pops out high to De Bruyne who tries to smash it at the goal but the bounce was too high and it's into the crowd.
Zinchenko with the cross from the left but Villa clear… but City are back on the attack, but Olsen clutches the cross with confidence.
YELLOW CARD, ASTON VILLA, MINGS! 0-1; the Villa captain sees yellow after a heavy handed challenge on City.
Zinchenko with another great dash into the Villa box, a great attack broken down by City… but they cross the ball in again low and hard and a diving Jesus gets a foot to it but can't control it and it's over the top.
Liverpool have scored… but the goal has been ruled out. Normal service can resume.
Rodri with a smart shot on goal but it's wide… City again on the attack and De Bruyne pounces but his shot is deflected and the ref calls for offsides anyway.
Digne begs for a free kick in the City half but the ref suggests he should play on rather.
Beautiful ball from Silva to Zinchenko but City's attack is snuffed out.
Long ball from Olsen to Watkins to run on but with Ederson charging on him and making himself big his shot goes past the City left-hand post. Big moment!
SUBSTITUTION, MANCHESTER CITY, STERLING! 0-1; City look for some pace around the park as Mahrez is called to the bench and Sterling is released onto the Etihad.
Two good attacks from City both broken down by Villa. City look certain to give their all to claw their way back into this match and to claim the win.
City with some strong raids on the Villa box but there is nothing on offer from the visitors.
Jesus wins the ball beautifully but is brought down and City have the free-kick, which Villa head out for the corner.
Coutinho and Watkins with the ball in the City box but they lose possession and play heads back down the way of the Villa goal…
Rodri with a long cross but it's too deep and Villa have the goalkick.
Sharp break through to the City goal but Ederson is up to challenge Watkins and win the ball, but the call is offside nonetheless.
City on the attack…
Mini-attacks at both ends quickly broken down, but City are on the attack again…
De Bruyne curls his free-kick but it's a good two feet away from the posts.
Foden crosses, Jesus controls and tries to turn and shoot but Ville bundle the ball away. Villa repel another attack and then they concede a free kick on the edge of the box after Rodri is brought to ground.
GOAL, ASTON VILLA, COUTINHO! 0-2; Coutinho on the end of a long ball through and he pulls his shot to the near post, leaving Ederson stranded and the City fans distraught!
SUBSTITUTION, MANCHESTER CITY, GUNDOGAN! 0-1; Gündogan brought on for Silva.
SUBSTITUTION, ASTON VILLA, NAKAMBA. Nakamba is brought on for the goal-scorer.
De Bruyne breaks into the Villa box, passes to Sterling who returns it to him, but De Bruyne can't keep his shot down.
Free-kick is headed harmlessly into the crowd. Quarter of an hour to go… if Liverpool score then City would need THREE to claim the title, so it's open season for Liverpool… although they still have to score.
Free-kick to City as Jesus is brought down by Luiz.
GOAL, MANCHESTER CITY, GUNDOGAN! 1-2; Gündogan with a superb header to lift City's spirits.
City attacking relentlessly… AND IT'S A GOAL! Gündogan slams a header into the Villa goal. Unstoppable, and great cross from Sterling. The subs doing he business... what does this remind me of, I wonder.
Another City challenge leads to a corner but Villa hold firm and books the ball upfield, but City are on the attack again…
GOAL, MANCHESTER CITY, RODRI! 2-2; staggering, you will never see anything like this we were told 10 years ago… but it looks like we are seeing EXACTLY that again!
UNBELIEVABLE! RODRIIIIIIIIIIIIII! City score after a great run from Zinchenko is laid off to Rodri who sidefoots it with perfection inside the right-hand goalpost. City do, City don't… but City sure love drama! Next one to score wins!
GOAL, MANCHESTER CITY, GUNDOGAN! 3-2; Gundogan taps home after superb work from De Bruyne and the Etihad has exploded!
UNBELIEVABLEEEEEEEEEEEE! "From the brink of despair, elation!" cries the commentator. It's 3-2 and City have both hands on the title. De Bruyne drives into the box, drives a cross across the posts… and there was Gundogan to tap it home and the Etihad explodes! I can barely hear myself think! What a turnaround, what an unbelievable five minutes (unless you're a City fan)!
And we'll say it again… City on the attack again…
The crowd catches its breath… what an afternoon!
Liverpool have scored through Mo Salah. Great comeback from the Reds… and now, if Villa score Liverpool will claim the title. I really hope there are enough defibrillators at the Etihad today.
YELLOW CARD, ASTON VILLA, NAKAMBA! 3-2; Nakamba carded for his challenge on De Bruyne.
Great work from De Bruyne and Sterling but the ball runs out for a goal-kick.
De Bruyne brought down and City have the free-kick which they run into the corner. Might be a bit early for that, lads!
SUBSTITUTION, ASTON VILLA, YOUNG! 3-2; Young is brought on the Villa.
Liverpool score against through Robinson, but that doesn't change the equation… it's all about Villa scoring to equalise, otherwise the title is City's. Can I order my defibrillator now please?
FULL TIME! MANCHESTER CITY 3-2 ASTON VILLA. What an incredible finish to the match and the season. City scoring three goals in five minutes knowing that just one Liverpool goal would snatch it away from them. But well played to Liverpool to do what was needed, and good luck to Liverpool in the Champions League final. City were good value for the win, although at times there were wasteful with their opportunities, while Villa were pretty clinical and competitive, especially in the second half, but what a great game of football and what a fantastic, sensation and unbelievable finish to a game and a season. Let me hear you say it? Who loves football???? Thank you to everyone for sharing this phenomenal day of action with us, and enjoy your evening… and let's go Liverpool in the Champions League final!
AND THAT'S THE FINAL WHISTLE, AND THE CROWDS STORM ONTO THE ETIHAD! Incredible, unbelievable, astonishing… and Pep is in tears as he hugs his team! What an occasion and what an environment. The stands look empty as the grass is covered as it was when Aguerooooo was the king. De Bruyne in tears. But let's spare a thought for Liverpool, who again did everything they could, and who were agonisingly close to the title and a chance for an unprecedented quadruple. Well played Liverpool, well played City… what a game this is. Who is the scriptwriter, cos I think he or she should dial down the drama for the sake of the older fans!
Jesus has the ball back in the corner. It's like WWE hear without the chairs! Villa with the ball. Cancelo slams the ball upfield…
De Bruyne into the corner… and he explodes it off a Villa player for the corner. City with the throw now! And it's into the corner, and a throw for City. Back in the corner but now Villa have the ball.
Drama… as Ederson is down needing medical attention… and this is big because City have made their three substitutions. Right, where is that defibrillator!!! Ederson's knee is not looking firm. Oh goodness me… four minutes added time to play. Tick-tock!
Manchester City
Aston Villa
Goal Scorers
76' Gundogan I...
78' Rodri
81' Gundogan I...
37' Cash Matty
69' Coutinho P...
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Stones John
Jesus Gabriel
Laporte Aym...
De Bruyne K...
Silva Bernardo
Mahrez Riyad
Cancelo Joao
Moraes Ederson
Foden Phil
Cash Matty
Mings Tyrone
Luiz Douglas
McGinn John
Buendia Emi...
Watkins Ollie
Chambers Calum
Coutinho Ph...
Olsen Robin
Digne Lucas
Ramsey Jacob
Sterling Ra...
Grealish Jack
Ake Nathan
Gundogan Ilkay
Walker Kyle
Carson Scott
Zinchenko O...
Palmer Cole
McAtee James
Sanson Morgan
Ings Danny
Nakamba Mar...
Young Ashley
Traore Bert...
Chrisene Be...
Sinisalo Vi...
Iroegbunam Tim