It's an absolute SCORCHER of a day in Kimberley! Temperatures are peaking at 39 degrees celcius! With barely a breeze to cool the players down, it's gonna come down to fitness to decide who will win the battle between the two lesser known South African domestic sides.
Today's referee is AJ Jacobs, assisted by Cwengile Jadezweni and Griffin Colby, with Stuart Berry on TMO duty.
PUMAS STARTING XV: 15 Devon Williams, 14 Etienne Taljaard, 13 Erich Cronje, 12 Wayne van der Bank, 11 Neil Maritz, 10 Eddie Fouche, 9 Ginter Smuts, 8 Jeandre Rudolph, 7 Willie Engelbrecht, 6 Francois Kleinhans, 5 Pieter Jansen van Vuren (C), 4 Darrien Landsberg, 3 Ruan Kramer, 2 Simon Westraadt, 1 Morgan Naude. RESERVES: 16 HP van Schoor, 17 Liam Hendricks, 18 Heath Backhouse, 19 Phumzile Maqondwana, 20 Dian Badenhorst, 21 Niel Marais, 22 Ali Mgijima, 23 Dewald Maritz
GRIQUAS STARTING XV: 15 Anthony Volmink, 14 Daniel Kasende, 13 Harlon Klaasen, 12 Andre Swarts, 11 James Verity-Amm, 10 George Whitehead (C), 9 Zak Burger, 8 Niell Jordaan, 7 Stefan Willemse, 6 Carl Els, 5 Victor Sekekete, 4 Ian Groenewald, 3 John-Roy Jenkinson, 2 HJ Luus, 1 Mox Mxoli. RESERVES: 16 Alandre van Rooyen, 17 Andrew Beerwinkel, 18 Madot Mabokela, 19 Adre Smith, 20 Zandre Jordaan, 21 Gideon van der Merwe, 22 Ashlon Davids, 23 Berton Klaasen, 24 Mzwanele Zito, 25 Ewan Coetzee, 26 Bjorn Basson
Hello and welcome to this Super Rugby Unlocked Round 2 match between The Griquas and The Pumas at Tafel Lager Park.
George Whitehead gets the game underway with a deep kick off, toward the Pumas 22.
Niel Maritz is forced to chase a ball back toward his own line after a good kick from the Griquas. He's unable to gather the ball cleanly on the first go and the Pumas are eventually forced to carry it back, giving the Griquas a 5 metre scrum.
After three reset scrums, the Griquas manage to get the ball in and do just enough to get it out under immense pressure. They're awarded a penalty shortly after as Willie Englelbrecht is penalised for not releasing the tackled player.
The Griquas kick for touch from the penalty but the lineout is messy. It somehow comes back out on their side and they manage to earn themselves another penalty. This time it's Neil Maritz who is caught offside and George Whitehead has opted to have a shot at goal.
PENALTY! GRIQUAS! WHITEHEAD! 3-0. George Whitehead drills his first attempt of the game straight through the centre of the uprights to give the Griquas an early lead.
The Pumas carry it up to halfway before Simon Westraadt, the big hooker, knocks on an easy pass.
Andre Swarts looks up and spots some real estate in behind the Pumas defence. He dinks a kick over which takes one bounce before finding touch inside the Pumas 22.
Engelbrecht gives a massive hand off and probably deservedly earns a relieving penalty for his side, as the Griquas are penalised for hands in the ruck.
Devon Williams makes a desperate covering tackle but he has come off second best. He's receiving some attention from the medical staff.
It's a huge defensive scrum for the Pumas, who win a scrum penalty defending 5 metres from their line.
The Griquas are penalised near their 22 as the tackler didn't roll away. The Pumas turn down the opportunity to level matters, as Fouche kicks to the corner.
TRY! PUMAS! SMUTS! 3-5. The Pumas don't make anything immediately from the lineout but they earn a penalty. The halfback catches the Griquas defence napping with a tap-and-go, and he does enough to squeeze the ball over the line.
CONVERSION! FOUCHE! 3-7. Eddie Fouche strikes it well from out wide and his conversion attempt is successful.
A technical penalty given against the Pumas, as the hooker joined the lineout before it was over. Whitehead has opted to have a shot at goal from about 40 metres out on the angle.
PENALTY! GRIQUAS! WHITEHEAD! 6-7. A great strike from Whitehead brings the home side within a point.
Fouche tries to catch the Griquas off guard with a quick kick off but it backfires, as the ball sails into touch on the full. Griquas have a scrum on halfway.
Whitehead will have the opportunity to put the Griquas back in front, as Francois Kleinhans is penalised for not rolling away on his own 40 metre line, centre field.
It's a first miss of the game for George Whitehead, whose penalty attempt is unsuccessful.
Anthony Volmink is penalised for holding on after great work from the Pumas chase line. Fouche will have a shot at goal from 37 metres out in centre field.
PENALTY! PUMAS! FOUCHE! 6-10. No problem for the Pumas flyhalf, adding the three with ease.
This time it's a mistake from the Griquas flyhalf from the kick off, as Whitehead sees his kick go into touch on the full. Pumas scrum on halfway.
A good kick from the Pumas puts the Griquas back 3 under pressure but they cope well, with Anthony Volmink unleashing a punt from near his line and finding touch inside the Pumas half.
TRY! PUMAS! MARITZ! 6-15. Brilliant from the Pumas right winger, who is put into space on the wing on the halfway line. He has one man to beat and does it brilliantly, as he eyes up the defender and gives him the "binne-buite-see-you-later", breezing past and over the line untouched.
CONVERSION! FOUCHE! 6-17. The try is converted by Eddie Fouche with a confident kick from the side side of the posts.
HALF TIME! GRIQUAS 11 - 17 PUMAS. The away side head to the sheds as the happier side but this game looks to be tighter than level 5 lockdown restrictions! Stay tuned for the second half.
Whitehead's touchline conversion attempt is unsuccessful, but the Griquas will be glad to have struck just before half time.
TRY! GRIQUAS! Sekekete! 11-17. Incredible drive from the Griquas, who setup a maul near the Pumas 22 and it rampages forward at a speed that would keep the pack ahead of a Usain Bolt! Cannot quite explain what has happened with the grounding, as a lone Pumas leg has appeared from somewhere, squeezing it's way under the ball. AJ Jacobs has asked his TMO to have a look and he's inspecting closely. It looks like the ball has indeed made it's way to the ground eventually. Try awarded!
We're back underway in Kimberley, as Eddie Fouche gets the second half going with a kick off deep into the Griquas 22.
A side entry from the Pumas has gifted the Griquas a relieving penalty under attacking pressure. Whitehead's touch finder is brilliant, almost reaching the Pumas 22.
The Pumas steal the lineout and spread it wide quickly! They create an overlap on the right wing and it would have been a race to the line but for a forward pass. Griquas will have a scrum on the Pumas 22.
The Pumas forwards do fantastically to make amends for the soft error by the backs in the previous play. The ref calls maul and they're able to force a turnover.
The Pumas manage to steal the Griquas lineout but it's messy. A Pumas player is then caught offside, playing it in front of his teammate who knocked it on. Another opportunity for Griquas points incoming, as they kick to the corner. It comes to nothing however, as the maul is sacked superbly and the ball turned over.
A kicking dual ensues and it's the Pumas who get the upper hand, as they look to an up-and-under which is regathered inside the Griquas half. To compound the gains, Gideon van der Merwe is penalised for being off his feet and contesting the ball. Eddie Fouche will have a shot at goal, 40 metres out, centre field.
PENALTY! PUMAS! FOUCHE! 11-20. It's a superb kick from the Pumas flyhalf, who fades his kick through the uprights to extend his side's lead to 9 points.
The Pumas get a lineout inside their own half and take it quickly. The ball is spread to the opposite bank of the field as they gain 20 quick metres. The phases continue but the Griquas defence recover. They manage to put enough pressure on the Pumas attackers to force a knock on on the Griquas 40 metre line.
It's a scrum penalty to the dominant Griquas scrum. Whitehead's touch finder is out just inside the Pumas 22.
The Griquas win a penalty near the touchline which is deterring Whitehead from having a shot at goal. His kick finds touch in the corner.
The Pumas look to sack the Griquas maul again but get it wrong this time, giving away a penalty, which Whitehead sticks in the corner once again.
TRY! GRIQUAS! SMITH! 16-20. The Griquas set their maul quickly and it's absolutely lethal. They drive over the line and get their second try in the game, and their second from a rolling maul.
CONVERSION! WHITEHEAD! 18-20. George Whitehead adds the extras with probably his easiest kick of the game. An exciting contest remains in the final quarter of this contest.
Gideon van der Merwe is penalised for hands in the ruck. Fouche finds touch on the Griquas 40 metre line.
Maqondwana throws a wild offload as he belatedly noticed the mass overlap outside. Unfortunately, it doesn't go to hand, with the ball knocked on in the process. The Griquas get away with one, as they are awarded a scrum on their own 22.
A dreadful pass to Ashlon Davids isn't gathered cleanly, gifting the Pumas a golden opportunity to score some points with a scrum 15 metres out.
The Griquas scrum is strong and the ball is turned over and cleared.
TRY! PUMAS! WILLIAMS! 18-25. What a try this is! Fouche draws a couple of defenders before spotting a gap on the inside and putting Maqondwana. He's ankle tapped and goes down but manages to get an offload away to Devon Williams, who shows a clean pair of heels and goes in straight under the sticks!
CONVERSION! FOUCHE! 18-27. Eddie Fouche extends the lead beyond a conversion try with a kick from right in front.
The Griquas are rolling through the phases inside the Pumas 22 but to no immediate avail. The Griquas are rewarded with a penalty out in front though, which Whitehead has opted to kick at goal.
PENALTY! GRIQUAS! WHITEHEAD! 21-27. The flyhalf slots his kick and gives the Griquas hope in the last 5 minutes
A dodgy skip ball is thrown inside the Griquas 22 and is allowed to bounce. The Griquas winger tried to gather but knocked on under pressure, giving the Pumas a scrum near the right touchline.
Possibly the wrong decision from the Pumas off the back of the scrum, as they put a grubber through the Griquas defence. Kasende gathers and is then hit with a high tackle, giving the Griquas a penalty. Whitehead has done immense work to find touch about 30 metres from the Pumas line.
Disappointing lineout for the home side, as their maul is sacked and the ball is turned over.
The scrum from the Griquas is dominant but they've illegally rotated the scrum. The Pumas win a penalty and kick to touch on halfway.
FULL TIME! GRIQUAS 21 - 27 PUMAS! The siren sounds and the ball is put into touch. The away side take the win on a tough day and earn bragging rights between the two smallest South African Super Rugby franchises.
40' Sekekete Victor
60' Smith Adre
19' Smuts Ginter
37' Taljaard Etienne
70' Williams Devon
61' Whitehead George
20' Fouche Eddie
38' Fouche Eddie
71' Fouche Eddie
6' Whitehead George
23' Whitehead George
75' Whitehead George
30' Fouche Eddie
52' Fouche Eddie
Drop Goals
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Mxoli Nqobisizwe
Luus Hendrik
Roy Jenkinson John
Groenewald Ian
Sekekete Victor
Els Carl
Willemse Stefan
Jordaan Niell
Burger Zak
Whitehead George
Verity-Amm James
Swarts Andre
Klaasen Harlon Jason
Kasenda Daniel
Volmink Anthony
Naude Morgan
Westraadt Simon
Kramer Ruan
Landsberg Darrien...
Janse van Vuren P...
Kleinhans Francois
Engelbrecht Willie
Rudolph Jeandre
Smuts Ginter
Fouche Eddie
Maritz Neil
Bank Wayne van der
Cronje Erich
Taljaard Etienne
Williams Devon
Van Rooyen Alandre
Beerwinkel Andrew
Mabokela Madot
Smith Adre
Jordaan Zandre
Van der Merwe Gideon
Davids Ashlon
Klaasen Berton We...
van Schoor Hendrik
Hendricks Liam
Backhouse Heath
Maqondwana Phumzile
Badenhorst Dian
Marais Niel
Mgijima Ali
Maritz Dewald