It's a wonderful evening for rugby in the Cape, with an air temperature of 22 degrees celcius and a slight breeze to cool the players down. Expect a hard-fought affair between these two long-time rivals.
Rasta Rasivhenge has the whistle today. He is assisted by Aimee Barrett-Theron and the controversial Egon Seconds with Joey Klaaste-Salmans.
LIONS STARTING XV: 15 EW Viljoen, 14 Jamba Ulengo, 13 Burger Odendaal, 12 Dan Kriel, 11 Rabz Maxwane, 10 Elton Jantjies (C), 9 Morne van den Berg, 8 Len Massyn, 7 Vincent Tshituka, 6 Jaco Kriel, 5 Marvin Orie, 4 Willem Alberts, 3 Carlu Sadie, 2 Jaco Visagie, 1 Sti Sithole. RESERVES: 16 Jan-Henning Campher, 17 Dylan Smith, 18 Wiehahn Herbst, 19 Wilhelm van der Sluys, 20 MJ Pelser, 21 Hacjivah Dayimani, 22 Ross Cronje, 23 Gianni Lombard, 24, Wandisile Simelane, 25 Ruan Dreyer
STORMERS STARTING XV: 15 Warrick Gelant, 14 Sergeal Petersen, 13 Dan du Plessis, 12 Rikus Pretorius, 11 Leolin Zas, 10 Damian Willemse, 9 Herschel Jantjies, 8 Juarno Augustus, 7 Ernst van Rhyn, 6 Siya Kolisi (C), 5 JD Schickerling, 4 Salmaan Moerat, 3 Frans Malherbe, 2 Bongi Mbonambi, 1 Steven Kitshoff. RESERVES. 16 Scarra Ntubeni, 17 Leon Lyons, 18 Neethling Fouche, 19 Chris van Zyl, 20 Nama Xaba, 21 Paul de Wet, 22 Michal Haznar, 23 Tim Swiel
Hello and welcome to this Super Rugby Unlocked Round 2 match between The Stormers and The Lions at DHL Newlands.
Damian Willemse gets the game underway with a deep kick off, which is fielded about 10 metres away from the Lions line before being cleared well by EW Viljoen.
An early penalty against Leolin Zas, who was pinged for offside as he looked to chase a kick.
A great kick from Gelant gets the Stormers out of a tough situation. His territory-seeker trickles out on the Lions 22.
Herschel Jantjies manages to make a partial charge as the Stormers get the ball on the Lions 22. They can't make anything of the possession however, as Augustus can't keep hold of a tricky pass.
JD Schickerling is penalised for not rolling away. Elton Jantjies will have a shot at goal from nearly 50 metres on the angle.
Poor rugby from the Lions. The kick off is brought in by Tshituka but Jaco Kriel is immediately penalised for going straight off his feet and sealing the ruck. Willemse has an opportunity to hit back straight away with a penalty from right in front.
PENALTY! LIONS! JANTJIES! 0-3. It's a superb first kick from the veteran flyhalf, who squeezes his first attempt of the evening inside the uprights for an early lead.
PENALTY! STORMERS! WILLEMSE! 3-3. And the Lions see their lead disappear almost as soon as they took it. Willemse levels matters at Newlands.
TRY! LIONS! MAXWANE! 3-8. Spectacular rugby from the Lions! They were under pressure in their 22 but continued to trust their game. A few offloads and some quick, neat hands create an overlap for the Lions. A couple of draw and passes were enough to give Rabz Maxwane with a free run to the line, and he dots it over under the sticks.
CONVERSION! JANTJIES! 3-10. Elton Jantjies adds the extras to put the Lions in double digits early on.
Burger Odendaal is pinged for offside as the Lions looked to pressurise the Stormers attackers. Willemse has opted to have a shot at goal from 40 out.
It's a good strike from Willemse but he's pushed this kick away to the right.
The Stormers have a brief spell of possession and look to play with the ball a bit. They appeared to be going backwards but the Lions give away a penalty for not releasing the tackled player. Willemse has opted to kick for touch this time.
The Stormers tried to work a move on the short side from the lineout but it falls apart through a Bongi Mbonambi knock on.
A strong maul from the Stormers earns them a penalty inside their half which Willemse puts into touch on the Lions 22.
An enterprising run from Gelant puts the Stormers on the front foot, before an offload to Sergeal Petersen. The ball is recycled quickly and given to Siya Kolisi but he knocks the ball on in contact about 10 metres from the Lions line.
Morne van den Berg picks and goes from the scrum earning some quick metres. He manages to launch a kick into centre field where Gelant retrieves. He looks to find du Plessis on the wing but his pass goes awry, trickling into touch near halfway.
A short ball to Maxwane is coughed up, giving possession back to the Stormers in the form of a scrum on their own 40 metre line.
Willemse kicks long from the back of the scrum, searching for territory. His kick is slightly wayward and bounces in field but is dotted down by the Lions for a 22 drop out.
Tshituka gives away a soft penalty for sealing off the ruck on Lions possession. The kick from Willemse is superb, finding touch less than 10 metres from the Lions line.
The Stormers setup a maul but the ball is ripped away and turned over, allowing Elton Jantjies to clear up to the 40 metre line.
Jantjies overcooks a cross kick, as it drifts into touch on the full from his own 40 metre line.
TRY! LIONS! ODENDAAL! 3-15. The Lions have picked apart a Stormers defence which is at sixes and sevens. A tricky pass is brought in tremendously by Burger Odendaal who then throws a dummy that sold the covering defender like it was an early Black Friday special. He goes straight through and canters over for the try. TMO is having a look at the final pass and unfortunately it's going to be ruled out for a forward pass. Huge let off for the home side.
Gelant makes a semi linebreak before offloading to Kitshoff. Jaco Visagie made a good tackle on him but didn't roll away quickly enough and is penalised. Willemse opts to have a central shot at goal from 37 metres out.
PENALTY! STORMERS! WILLEMSE! 6-10. The young flyhalf strikes his kick well and reduces the arrears for the home side.
Odendaal has a little dink kick charged down by Kitshoff! Huge shame from the spicy plumb, who couldn't regather, when he had plenty in support who probably would've had a clean run to the line.
It's another penalty for the Stormers, as EW Viljoen was caught in front of the kicker on his 22. Willemse has opted to kick to touch and finds it about 10 metres out.
HALF TIME. STORMERS 6 - 10 LIONS. Both sides have opportunitis to chance their arm at the end of the half but neither can make anything come to fruition. The ball goes into touch and the sides head to the sheds for a well earned rest.
Mbonambi breaks away from a maul which was well set but not making much distance. He's tackled and isolated, as Carlu Sadie gets his hands on the ball to win the penalty.
We are back underway in this tight derby as Jantjies sends his kick off into the Stormers 22.
An injury on the stroke of half time forces Sergeal Petersen off the field in place of Tim Swiel. A reshuffle as Swiel goes to 10, Gelant to 14 and Willemse to 15.
Dan Kriel makes a break down the left wing, threatening to offload as he drew the defender. His pass, when eventually released, was inaccurate but came off a Stormers player before going into touch on halfway.
Gelant retrieves the ball near his line under pressure from 3 defenders. He skips past 2 and dummies 1 to create enough space to unleash a brilliant left footed clearance which finds touch on the Lions side of halfway.
Tshituka is penalised for not rolling away quickly enough. Willemse has opted to have a shot at goal in centre field, 40 metres out.
PENALTY! STORMERS! WILLEMSE! 9-10. Damian Willemse puts the ball right over the black dot as the Stormers move within 1.
TRY! STOMERS! PRETORIUS! 14-10. Elton Jantjies has thrown an early Christmas present to Rikus Pretorius. He's taken it to the line and lobbed a pass straight to the Stormers centre, who has the speed to take it all the way to the line for the try!
CONVERSION! WILLEMSE! 16-10. It's a simple kick for Willemse, who has no trouble adding the extras.
Viljoen drills a low kick toward the Stormers 22. Zas tried to tap it up in the air to keep it in field but ended up slapping it into touch, gifting possession back to the Lions.
Moeraat makes the lineout steal but the Stormers can't take full advantage. Jantjies looks to clear from the base and his his kick partially charge, with Kolisi knocking it on in the kick chase. Lions scrum on the Stormers 40.
The ball is turned over via a knock on. Zas has a bit of freedom under advantageand he looks for a little chip-and-chase. It works out perfectly and he manages to carry it into the Lions half where the Stormers win a penalty for hands in the ruck.
A set play from the back of the lineout gets it close for the Stormers. It's Gelant who had space on the wing to make a move for the line, but the defence was good from the Lions, forcing an offload which didn't go to hand. The Lions retrieve the ball and clear their lines.
The Lions have a scrum on their 22 but it's a huge one from the Stormers, who earn a penalty. Willemse puts it in the corner where his forward pack can have a go from a maul.
TRY! STORMERS! DU PLESSIS! 21-10. A flat ball from Herschel Jantjies is inches away from being intercepted, but Dan du Plessis does well enough to get his hands to the ball first and twist his way past the defender and over the line for the try!
CONVERSION! WILLEMSE! 23-10. Not the easiest kick for Willemse but he strikes it well enough to add the extras. Lions still scoreless in the second half.
Tim Swiel launches an up-and-under which he manages to chase himself and tap back toward his teammates. It's collected by Rikus Pretorius, but he in turn is collected by two Lions defenders, who get their hands on the ball and win a penalty for holding on.
The ball is stripped away from a Lions player in the tackle, followed shortly after by a breakdown penalty. It's a relieving one for the Stormers who kick for touch and find it beyond halfway.
TRY! LIONS! JANTJIES! 23-15. Burger Odendaal with a lovely show-and-go down the left wing finds some space before throwing a big step on Willemse, the last man. He looked inside to find his captain Elton Jantjies in support, who dotted it under the sticks to bring the Lions back into this game late on.
CONVERSION! JANTJIES! 23-17. Elton Jantjies takes the kick quickly and converts his own try.
Paul de Wet made himself a nuisance at lineout time but a small knock on means the Lions will retain the ball but in the form of a scrum on their own 40 metre line.
A dominant scrum from the Stormers earns a penalty for the home side. Willemse will have a shot at goal to put the Stormers at least two scores ahead.
The kick attempt from Willemse is pushed away to the right. A squeaky last few minutes in store here.
Two cross kicks from Elton Jantjies have helped to put his side in the pound seat. First to Dayimani, allowing him to break beyond halfway, and then immediately switching it to Maxwaneon the other wing, as he gets it inside the Stormers 22. The Stormers give away a penalty though, which the Lions kick to the corner.
FULL TIME! STORMERS 23 - 17 LIONS. It's resolute defence by the Stormers, who manage to repel the Lions phase after phase. Ntubeni manages to turn the ball over and the Stormers win it! The home side come out on top in a thrilling contest. Lions come so close again but will have to wait until at least next week for their first win.
50' Pretorius Rikus
62' du Plessis Da...
12' Maxwane Sibhale
71' Jantjies Elton
51' Willemse Damian
65' Willemse Damian
13' Jantjies Elton
72' Jantjies Elton
9' Willemse Damian
36' Willemse Damian
48' Willemse Damian
7' Jantjies Elton
Drop Goals
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Kitshoff Steven
Mbonambi Bongi
Malherbe Frans
Moerat Salmaan
Schickerling JD
Kolisi Siya
Van Rhyn Ernst
Augustus Juarno
Jantjies Herschel
Willemse Damian
Zas Leolin
Pretorius Rikus
du Plessis Daniel
Petersen Sergeal
Gelant Warrick
Kriel Daniel David
Sithole Sithembiso
Visagie Jaco
Sadie Carlu
Schoeman Ruben
Orie Marvin
Kriel Jaco
Tshituka Vincent
Massyn Willem Leon
Van Den Berg Morne
Jantjies Elton
Maxwane Sibhale
Odendaal Burger
Ulengo Jamba
Viljoen EW
Ntubeni Scarra
Lyons Leon
Fouche Johan Neet...
van Zyl Chris
Xaba Kuyenzeka Kw...
De Wet Albertus Paul
Haznar Michal
Swiel Tim
Campher Jan-Henning
Smith Dylan
Herbst Wiehahn
Sluys Wilhelm
Pelser MJ
Dayimani Hacjivah
Cronje Ross
Dreyer Ruan Martin
Lombard Gianni