Our referee today is Paul Williams from New Zealand, and he will be assisted by his Kiwi countrymen Ben O’Keeffe and James Doleman. In charge of TMO duties is another man from the land of the long black cloud, Brendon Pickerill.
Scotland: 15 S Hogg, 14 K Steyn, 13 H Jones, 12 S Tuipulotu, 11 D van der Merwe, 10 F Russell, 9 B White, 8 M Fagerson, 7 L Crosbie, 6 J Ritchie, 5 G Gilchrist, 4 R Gray, 3 W Nel, 2 G Turner, 1 P Schoeman. Replacements: 16 F Brown, 17 J Bhatti, 18 S Berghan, 19 J Gray, 20 J Dempsey, 21 G Horne, 22 B Kinghorn, 23 C Harris.
England: England: 15 F Steward, 14 M Malins, 13 J Marchant, 12 O Farrell, 11 O Hassell-Collins, 10 M Smith, 9 J van Poortvliet, 8 A Dombrandt, 7 B Curry, 6 L Ludlam, 5 O Chessum, 4 M Itoje, 3 K Sinckler, 2 J George, 1 E Genge. Replacements: 16 J Walker, 17 M Vunipola, 18 D Cole, 19 N Isiekwe, 20 B Earl, 21 B Youngs, 22 O Lawrence, 23 A Watson.
England had enjoyed a clear ascendancy over Scotland in the previous five meetings, with the English roses winning five in a row dating back to their 38-18 win a Twickenham.
Scotland have the rub in terms of recent matches, with the men from up north winning thee of the last five meetings, England winning once and the two teams drawing 38-38 at Twickenham in 2019.
England lead the cumulative points tally with 1710 points to Scotland's 1262 points from their 140 matches.
The two teams have drawn 19 times from their 140 meetings.
The two nations have locked heads 140 times over the decades, with England triumphing on 76 occasions, while Scotland have just 45 wins.
Good evening, and welcome to our live coverage of the Six Nations classic match-up between England and Scotland live from Twickenham.
Kick-off! We are underway here at Twickenham!
Superb pressure from England early on, pushing Scotland back to the five-metre line… Scotland clear with a kick but England charge back but concede the scrum. What a start to this Six Nations clash! Breathless!
Lovely break from the scrum by the Scottish backline who drive well into the England half. England win the ruck and clear upfield from the back… 
… the England forwards drive forward before a quick release sends the backline towards the Scotland line, but they are bundled into touch clear to the Scottish 22.
England pushing hard against Scotland and gaining good territory.
A lovely grubber for the English wing to chase down, but it's just too strong and Scotland can tap down behind their line.
Poor play by England, conceding a free kick for a neck roll. Scotland kick up to the halfway line.
Both sides exchange a couple of kicks upfield… England then run before another kick into Scottish territory which they clear upfield… England send an up and under short of the 22 and Scotland pull it into the ruck…
… Scotland clear upfield, England return, Scotland kick back but now England run… but concede a free-kick inside the Scottish 22.
Long lineout ball, Scotland break through the English line, press for the tryline, they're held up…
… Scotland keep pressing, referee calls for a Scottish advantage… ball is played out wide, Scotland from just outside the five metre tap a lovely grubber into try zone…
TRY, SCOTLAND, JONES! 0-5; Jones does superbly to chase onto Tuipulotu's grubber and wait for the ball to pop so he can latch onto it and crash down for a superb try.
CONVERSION, SCOTLAND, RUSSELL! 0-7; Russell makes no mistake from almost in front of goals. A superb start from Scotland. Twickenham isn't as noisy as it was quarter of an hour ago.
England awarded a penalty on their own 10-metre line and the kick goes into touch just short of Scotland's 22.
Scotland muscle the lineout ball and press forward.
Scotland on their 22 now with White lofting a high kick upfield from the back of the scrum. England mauling the ball now… Van Poortvliet lofts a kick over the top and England chase into the Scottish 22…
Ball is kicked upfield, England with short kick forward that is chased down, Scotland can't get their feet together and England are all over Scotland, but the visitors somehow manage to hold it all together as the England attack somehow breaks down within smelling distance of the tryline.
England mauling 10-metres out… running the ball, the forward barrelling forward… now it's to the backline, but Scotland bring them to ground…
TRY, ENGLAND, MALINS! 5-7; Marcus Smith with a beautiful lofted chip into the goal zone and Malins runs onto it, sliding as he catches and dots down in one motion. Brilliant attacking from England and what a cross-kick and how about that catch and dot down.
… the ball is fed to the left wing where England smash forward but Scotland soak it up. Can they keep this up for another hour?
Farrell pulls his conversion attempt, but it was five metres in from the touchline so it wasn't a gimme unless you're playing golf with Number 45.
Scotland win a free-kick just inside their half and the kick is on the England 22-metre line, giving Scotland a great attacking opportunity.
This is like watching the highlights! Scotland spread the ball down the line, they attack the England but are brought down.
SUPERMAN SCORES! That try might go down as one of the greats of the history of rugby! Duhan van der Merwe gets the ball on the halfway line, brushes past two challenges, slides past another Englishman, and they tapdances past two more English defenders, breaking clear of them both before crashing over for a try. What dynamism, what power, and what footwork. There aren't enough beautiful words to describe that try dear readers, you will simply have to Google it… and save the link!
TRY, SCOTLAND, VAN DER MERWE! 5-12; Duhan van der Merwe with the most incredible solo try. That's a career-defining moment. That deserved to win the World Cup final… only problem is that Scotland aren't likely to ever be near a World Cup final. Mind you, perhaps the winds of change might be blowing through the Scottish highlands.
The conversion is pulled this time, despite being close to the poles. Oh dear… those might be two important points that have just been missed.
England with some powerful play but Scotland are holding them up superbly. Do they have enough subs ready to relieve these players - this has been breathless rugby played at an incredible tempo.
Scotland win a free-kick just inside their half and clear the danger.
… England switch from the right wing across to the left, but Scotland hold them tight… now we're back to the right wing, and oh yes, England have created an overlap and Ludlam with a beautiful pass to beat the man, leaving Malins to race through to score unattended. What a fantastic team try.
England maul the ball and Van Poortvliet lofts the ball high into Scottish territory… England rush forward and regain possession… now they're running the line down to the wing…
TRY, ENGLAND, MALINS! 10-12; A wonderful try, and another one to Google.
Oh dear x2… Farrell again fluffs his conversion attempt, this time from more than 15 metres in from touch. Doubt he'll be happy with that. Perhaps a switch of boots at half-time.
HALF-TIME, ENGLAND 13-12 SCOTLAND. An incredible 40 minutes of rugby. At times perhaps too much kicking, but what a feast of mauling and running rugby… and a couple of magnificent tries. Scotland have bossed the match but England have snuck into the break with a one-point lead. Look forward to the next 4o minutes of breathtaking action!
PENALTY, ENGLAND, FARRELL! 13-12; Farrell slots the penalty and thats half time and a sneaky lead for the hosts.
England driving brilliantly at the Scottish line, they win a penalty right in front of poles inside the Scottish 22… so Farrell points at the poles. Pity he didn't have a chance to chance his boots first, but even Gran could slap this over the posts.
Kick-off! Hold onto your hats… he second half is underway here a Twickenham.
England with a strong run down the right but Scotland hold their line… England switch to the left and another cute grubber through almost opens up Malin's hat-trick before a mass of Scotland's finest close him down.
England with the lineout on the Scottish 10-metre line… they win the ball but the referee has awarded a penalty to Scotland, and the clearance will take play to just short of England's 22.
Scotland win the lineout, run down the left wing, the ball is fed back to the right but the pass is ever so soft and Scotland fluff their lines… giving England the scrum just short of their 10-metre.
Scotland penalised for not pushing straight, and England have the penalty and clear it to the Scottish 10-metre line.
England with the throw inside the Scottish 22 and they burst through with some power running, battering the Scottish defence, then feeding it out to Genge who crashes through two tackles for the try.
TRY, ENGLAND, GENGE! 18-12; Superb team try from England - great power rugby.
CONVERSION, ENGLAND, FARRELL! 20-12; Farrell now has his kicking boots on, although this kick was from just a few metres to the left of the posts… again, something Gran would be peeved to miss. But great play from England.
TRY, SCOTLAND, WHITE! 20-17; Incredible play from Scotland, working their way into the England 22… and White chooses not to run the line but instead goes blind and powers towards the line, tip-toeing this way and that to evade the English tackles to slide over for the try. Brilliant individual play.
CONVERSION, SCOTLAND, RUSSELL! 20-19; Russell nails his kick from about 15-metres in from touch, his natural curve sliding it beautifully through the posts. Game on again for anyone who has the courage and stamina.
England win their lineout and run from the halfway line… Scotland are up tight as a defensive unit as England batter their line time and again… Van Poortvliet with the chip over the top… looks good but the bounce roll sees it scuttle out over the deadball line.
SUBSTITUTION, ENGLAND. Dombrandt is called back into the hut and the big Ben Earl bounds into play ready to give the Scottish what-for.
Bursting attack from England, who break through the Scottish line… the ball goes wide to Marcus Smith who brings out the goose-step as an attempt to break down a 5-on-2 Scottish defensive line… Smith losing out by being dragged ignominiously out to touch by three Scotsmen.
Scotland win the lineout and clear the danger… and now we're being treated to a kicking game… until Scotland run to the left, the out right… then then charge down the line with an overlap just short of the English 22…
… NO! Hogg's pass is just too high and Steyn can't bring it into the breadbasket, and England get a massive lucky break. The Scottish were running flatout though, so we should cut them some slack… but they could have been a big swing in the match.
England with the scrum on their own 22… and they win a penalty for poor scrumming from the Scottish. The penalty is cleared halfway between the Scottish 22 and 10-metre lines. England are on the attack!
Great play! England peel off the ruck on the blindside, a chip towards the Scottish tryline is picked up and kicked out, but England have the ball… 
Great play! England peel off the ruck on the blindside, a chip towards the Scottish tryline is picked up and kicked out, but England have the ball… 
Great play! England peel off the ruck on the blindside, a chip towards the Scottish tryline is picked up and kicked out, but England have the ball… 
Great mauling and feeding the backline from the English, but Scotland soaked it up… until giving away a penalty in front to the poles… and England are going to kick this one, aware that points on the board might make a big difference.
PENALTY, ENGLAND, FARRELL! 23-19; Farrell nails his kick from right in front of poles for a four-point lead.
Scotland win the scrum, feed the ball down the left win… now to the right… Jones works his way back inside and the ball goes down the left wing… Russell with a beautiful cross kick for Steyn who reaches out at full stride and full gallop with one hand but can't bring the ball into the breadbasket…
Scotland win a penalty just inside their half for an England infringement in the ruck. The kick sends play deep into the England half, right on their 22. Scotland will want points now.
… but it was a good gamble from Russell, as he knew the ref would call them back for the penalty almost in front of the poles.
PENALTY, SCOTLAND, RUSSELL! 23-22; Russell nails his kick. What a finish we're in for here.
England with a lob over the top, but Scotland gather and run at them… England win the ball back and run left, then bring the ball back in… Marcus Smith with a clever pass inside… but Russell collects well and passes to a team-mate to clear… England press back, Scotland holding for them all they are worth… and thankfully for the visitors England concede a penalty to grant the Scots some relief.
Scotland run the ball from England's kick-off, they go right then left… but Gray, on as a sub, can't grab onto the ball and England have the scrum.
Scotland run the ball, the pass back to Russell and he kicks for touch but it JUST goes out on the full and England sigh with relief and lineup for halfway line line-out.
Scotland win the ball in their 22 and run the line… now they un back to he right wing to Steyn who bursts through tackles before being brought down…
… Scotland feed it back left and it goes to, who else, Man Mountain Van der Merwe who again breaks through a string of tackles before being brought down near the line… but his hand reaches forward, holding the ball, and slams it down on the turf over the tryline. PHENOMENAL!
TRY, SCOTLAND, VAN DER MERWE! 23-27; Once again it has to be said… there are no words. Van der Merwe is a pehnomenon.
CONVERSION, SCOTLAND, RUSSELL! 23-29; What a difference few minutes make. Scotland looked like they were dead and buried, but in no time they've turned it around and England need a goal to claim the win. What a finish, what a game of rugby.
England powering through with all they have, but Scotland are a side revitalised and they hold them at bay.
England pressing forward deep inside the Scottish half, but the ref blows for a penalty for Scotland… that's going to be it, with 20 seconds left Scotland play the ball into touch and that's the ballgame, folks!
England pressing forward deep inside the Scottish half, but the ref blows for a penalty for Scotland… that's going to be it, with 20 seconds left Scotland play the ball into touch and that's the ballgame, folks!
England pressing forward deep inside the Scottish half, but the ref blows for a penalty for Scotland… that's going to be it, with 20 seconds left Scotland play the ball into touch and that's the ballgame, folks!
FULL-TIME, ENGLAND 23-29 SCOTLAND. Quite astonishing rugby! I was a game that didn't stand still with world-class attacking and defence from both sides… but there was something that stood out from the pack… and that something was man of the match and man mountain Duhan van der Merwe, the Scottish wing who scored two quite astonishing tries, both out of nowhere, to ensure his side won an incredible Calcutta Cup. My fingers are down to the bone, but I hope you've enjoyed following the action… and please, Google those tries cos they are quite literally "winners"!
24' Malins Max
38' Malins Max
48' Genge Ellis
15' Jones Huw
29' van der Merwe...
51' White Ben
74' van der Merwe...
49' Farrell Owen
16' Russell Finn
52' Russell Finn
76' Russell Finn
40' Farrell Owen
65' Farrell Owen
69' Russell Finn
Drop Goals
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Genge Ellis
George Jamie
Sinckler Kyle
Itoje Maro
Chessum Ollie
Ludlam Lewis
Curry Ben
Dombrandt Alex
Poortvliet Jack Van
Smith Marcus
Hassell-Collins O...
Farrell Owen
Marchant Joe
Malins Max
Steward Freddie
Schoeman Pierre
Turner George
Nel Willem
Gray Richie
Gilchrist Grant
Ritchie James
Crosbie Luke William
Fagerson Matt
White Ben
Russell Finn
van der Merwe Duhan
Tuipulotu Sione
Jones Huw
Steyn Kyle
Hogg Stuart
Walker Jack
Youngs Ben
Cole Dan
Vunipola Mako
Lawrence Ollie
Watson Anthony
Earl Ben
Isiekwe Nick
Dempsey Jack
Kinghorn Blair
Berghan Simon
Harris Chris
Brown Fraser
Bhatti Jamie
Horne George
Gray Jonny