Today's referee is Graham Cooper, assisted by Angus Gardner and Reuben Keane, with George Ayoub on TMO duty.
The Brumbies have made just two changes to the side that beat the Reds after the buzzer in a 22-20 victory last week. Andy Muirhead replaces Tom Wright while Tom Cusack replaces Will Miller.
The Rebels have made 6 changes to the side that narrowly beat the Western Force 25-20 last weekend. In the forward pack, Philip, Kemeny and Wilkin come into the side, while in the backs, it's Lomani, Deegan and Magnay who come in. Toomua has a positional shift, moving from 10 to 12 for today's game.
BRUMBIES STARTING XV: 15 Tom Banks, 14 Solomone Kata, 13 Tevita Kuridrani, 12 Irae Simone, 11 Andy Muirhead, 10 Bayley Kuenzie, 9 Joe Powell, 8 Pete Samu, 7 Tom Cusack, 6 Rob Valetini, 5 Nick Frost, 4 Darcy Swain, 3 Allan Alaalatoa (C), 2 Folau Fainga’a, 1 Scott Sio. RESERVES: 16 Connal McInerney, 17 Harry lloyd, 18 Tom Ross, 19 Will Miller, 20 Ben Hyne, 21 Ryan Lonergan, 22 Mack Hansen, 23 Len Ikitau
REBELS STARTING XV: 15 Reece Hodge (CC), 14 Andrew Kellaway, 13 Campbell Magnay, 12 Matt Toomua (CC), 11 Marika Koroibete, 10 Andrew Deegan, 9 Frank Lomani, 8 Isi Naisarani, 7 Brad Wilkin, 6 Josh Kemeny, 5 Trevor Hosea, 4 Matt Philip, 3 Jermaine Ainsley, 2 Jordan Uelese, 1 Cameron Orr. RESERVES: 16 Efitusi Ma’afu, 17 Cabous Eloff, 18 Pone Fa’amaluli, 19 Michael Stolberg, 20 Richard Harwick, 21 Rob Leota, 22 James Tuttle, 23 Billy Meakes
Hello and welcome to this round 6 Super Rugby AU clash between The Rebels and The Brumbies in Sydney, which will act as the home ground for the Melbourne side today.
Bayley Kuenzie gets the match underway with a kick off into the Rebels 22. A little mistake by Deegan as the ball slips through his hands looking for the clearance but the Rebels get away with it, as Joe Powell is penalised for going off his feet close to the line.
Banks knocks a rolling ball into touch as he looked to keep it in play. Rebels have a lineout on the 22.
TRY! REBELS! HODGE! 5-0. The Rebels strike first through the experienced fullback! Brilliant continuity from the Rebels, who managed to get through 8 clean phases despite the slippery conditions. Quick recycling allows them to shift it out wide quickly where Hodge got it in space. He used the conditions to his advantage, diving early and sliding over in the right corner for the opener!
Toomua's conversion attempt is hooked across the uprights.
A bit of a nothing chip kick from Kuridrani is fielded by Deegan easily. He kicks into the Brumbies 22, where Banks is forced to clear to touch, 40 metres from his line.
Once again, the Rebels begin rolling through the phases. This time it breaks down, as Deegan looked for an ambitious offload in contact. They'll have a chance to bring it back though as the Brumbies clearance doesn't find touch.
Deegan receives the ball from a kick on halfway. He looks to dribble it into touch but it goes into the in goal area. It turns out to be a good kick with the new rule being trialed. The Brumbies will have a drop out from their goalline, not the 22.
Naisarani has the ball ripped away from him in contact. Kuenzie's clearance kick is great, as it goes into the Rebels 22, where Kellaway is forced to put it into touch near halfway.
The Brumbies get on the front foot from their lineout. It's quickly brought to centre field, at the Rebels 22 where they get a penalty. An easy shot is turned down as the Brumbies opt to kick to touch. Banks' kick only finds touch 10 metres out.
The Brumbies don't go to their maul straight away, but they force another penalty for offiside close to the line. Banks finds touch 5 metres out this time.
The Rebels compete and Matt Philip gets up to steal the lineout! Chance spurned by the Brumbies, although they'll have a lineout on the Rebels 22.
TRY! REBELS! WILKIN! 10-0. It's a comedy of errors from the Brumbies and the Rebels have capitalised! Simone looks to poke a grubber through which is blocked and hacked upfield. Koroibete is first to the ball, keeping it on the foot, kicking it on inside the Brumbies 22. The ball doesn't sit up yet, so Koroibete looks to kick it again but slices it. Muirhead looks favourite to get the ball and clean up but he doesn't manage to bring it in. Koroibete gets up and quickly offloads to Wilkin who dives over for the meat pie!
CONVERSION! TOOMUA! 12-0. Matt Toomua knocks over the conversion from right under the posts.
TRY! BRUMBIES! POWELL! 12-5. Important try that, as the Brumbies hit straight back! They get a penalty, allowing them to set up a lineout 10 metres out. This time they look to their world famous rolling thunder! The maul gets some great momentum going before Powell took the ball off the back and slid over for the try in the corner.
CONVERSION! KUENZIE! 12-7. A fantastic sideline conversion from Bayley Kuenzie, who starts the ball on the right post and squeezes it just inside!
The Rebels will have the first scrum of the game in centre field on the Brumbies 22 after a knock on in contact.
TRY! REBELS! HODGE! 17-7. Naisarani brings it off the back of the scrum as the Rebels look to work a set piece move. They're unable to make the break straight away, but patience pays off, as Toomua squeezes a grubber through toward the Brumbies line. Reece Hodge has done superbly, commiting himself to the dive early and winning the race to the ball ahead of Tom Banks! Reece Hodge has a double!
Toomua can't make clean contact with his conversion attempt, shanking it away to the left.
Toomua gets away with one! The ball bursts straight through his hands as he looks to clear and his recovery kick goes nowhere! Fainga'a knocks it on about 15 metres out though and the Rebels are able to recover the ball and clear to halfway.
A clear tactic to put grubber kicks through the Rebels defence but it's not working at the moment. Kuenzie sees his kick blocked this time and it's recovered by Naisarani who carries it upfield with interest. The Brumbies get away with it this time is Jordan Uelese spills the pill in the next phase.
The Brumbies win a scrum penalty as the Rebels are pinged for collapsing. Banks finds touch 40 metres out.
The Brumbies kick the ball away once again. Wouldn't have been a bad kick, as the pressure on Deegan is good but Solomone Kata drops an absolute sitter from Deegan's left footed clearance. Rebels have a scrum 40 metres out.
The Rebels get a penalty on the 22 as a Brumbies player is caught off his feet. Toomua will have a shot at goal.
PENALTY! REBELS! TOOMUA! 20-7. The Rebels keep the scoreboard ticking over as Matt Toomua adds 3 with a good strike through the posts.
Deegan puts a well weighted kick through the Brumbies defence. Banks tracks back to field it and collects it just before his own line under immense pressure. He looks to bring it forward and take it into contact but is ultimately forced to carry it back over his line, giving the Rebels a 5 metre scrum.
Good defence near the line from the Brumbies who manage to repel the Rebels. They look to shift it out wide but play breaks down. The Rebels were playing under penalty advantage though and have called to set a scrum again, five metres from the line.
TRY! REBELS! UELESE! 25-7. The Rebels get a penalty from the scrum and Naisarani takes it quickly. He gets close before Uelese looks to dart off the back and squeeze it over the line. TMO is having a look for grounding ad George Ayoub finds enough evidence to overturn the ref's onfield call. Rebels strike again just before half time!
CONVERSION! TOOMUA! 27-7. Matt Toomua extends the lead from right in front. It'll be hardwork for the Brumbies to mount a comeback from here.
HALF TIME! REBELS 27 - 7 BRUMBIES. The Melbourne side have played phenomenally in wet conditions, dominating the first half and carrying a 20 point lead into the sheds.
Kemeny comes close to getting his first super rugby try, but is held up over the line. The Rebels had advantage and will pack down the scrum again in search of another try before half time. The scrum was good but Naisarani knocks it on at the back so the Brumbies survive for now.
YELLOW CARD! BRUMBIES! CUSACK! Deegan manages to put a kick into touch 5 metres from the Brumbies line just before half time. The lineout is overthrown and goes straight to the Rebels who get close. It was Tom Cusack who illegally stopped them and is sent to the naughty chair for ten minutes! The Rebels have opted to go for the scrum.
Matt Toomua gets the second half underway with a deep kick off, into the Brumbies 22. Fantastic kick chases and the Rebels have stolen the ball back. Lomani throws a big dummie and slices through the gap but it only opened up because Toomua obstructed the defender. Electric start to the second half by the Rebels.
Powell launches a lovely cross kick to Solomone Kata. It opens up for a second, as Simone gets it inside in space but is taken down inside the 22. The Brumbies work through a few phases before the knock on allows the Rebels to clear.
Muirhead overcooks a kick and gifts the Rebels a lineout on the Brumbies 40 metre line.
Young flyhalf Bayley Kuenzle is replaced early in the second half, with Mack Hansen given the opportunity to try regain control of the game for the Brumbies.
Mack Hansen slices an up and under near halfway, but it lands in open real estate with nobody able to gather it from the contest in the air. Toomua tries to grab it low to the ground but knocks it on at halfway. The 14-man Brumbies get a scrum penalty and will have a lineout inside the Rebels 22.
Great defence from the Rebels, who force a knock on from Darcy Swain in some strong contact.
The Rebels get a relieving penalty from the scrum in their 22, as the Brumbies are penalised for hinging.
The Rebels set up a maul from the lineout on halfway and it's rumbling forward menacingly! It gets beyond the ten metre line before they earn a penalty, with a side entry from one of the Brumbies forwards. Toomua will have a shot at goal.
PENALTY! REBELS! TOOMUA! 30-7. It's a wonderful strike from Matt Toomua, who slides it through the uprights from about 40 metres out on the angle.
The Brumbies look to get something going, as they move the ball through a few phases on halfway. It's just not happening for them today with the Rebels shutting down anything they've created so far. Powell looks to the box kick which is partially charged before going into touch on the Rebels 40 metre line.
The Rebels have a lineout on their own 22 but it is overthrown. The Brumbies have an opportunity to get points here but the ball is knocked on in contact. The clearance kick is charged down but the Rebels do well to reset at a ruck and clear their lines.
Len Ikitau is penalised for a no arms tackle just inside the Rebels half. Hodge kicks to touch and it's a brilliant effort, setting up a lineout just 10 metres from the Brumbies line.
The Rebels get another penalty for a no-arms tackle. This time it's against Darcy Swain, 5 metres from the line. The Rebels will have a lineout 5 metres out. An early drive from the Brumbies sees them penalised and the ref warns them for repeated infringements. The Rebels will set the lineout up once again.
This time the Brumbies time their drive perfectly, pushing the Rebels backwards and forcing them to break away. The Rebels roll through a few phases before replacement lock Mike Stolberg knocks the ball on at the base of a ruck.
The Brumbies clearance doesn't find touch and Koroibete carries it back. The Brumbies do superbly to shut him down quickly and force a penalty for holding on. Banks kicks to touch toward the Rebels 22.
Disappointment from the Brumbies again who, after stringing together 6 phases knock it on. The two sides exchange kicks before the Brumbies error is compounded with a Tom Banks knock on from a routine catch.
Deja vu. The Brumbies win a scrum penalty and set up a lineout just inside the Rebels half. Yet again, they spurn the opportunity to get anything going, as the ball is knocked on from the lineout.
Deegan launches a bomb which is fielded well by Banks this time, but the kick chase was exceptional by Toomua, who makes the tackle and his back up get over the ball to force the penalty. Toomua kicks to touch about 10 metres out.
The Rebels look to deliver the killer punch with another try but Isi Naisarani is pinged for holding on. The Brumbies have a lineout near halfway but it's stolen by the Rebels.
Yet another penalty goes against the Brumbies, this time for obstruction against Ikitau. Touch found by Toomua 10 metres out. This time the error comes in the form of a skew lineout. Brumbies will have a defensive scrum.
Relieving penalty for the Brumbies goes against Richard Hardwick for not rolling away. Touch is found about 35 metres out.
Oh dear... Andy Muirhead lifts his head and spills a perfect pass from Mack Hansen, under absolutely no pressure. Rebels are awarded a scrum near halfway.
Once again, the Brumbies earn a scrum penalty, forcing a collapse. Let's see if the Brumbies can make anything of it this time, with touch found 30 metres from the Rebels line.
Job one done as the Brumbies win the lineout. Job two, not so much. They were lucky to be playing under penalty advantage. Play opened up and there could have been a certain try but for a pass going straight through Ryan Lonergan's hands in acres of space.
The Brumbies win their lineout about 10 metres from the line, but it hasn't taken long for the theme of tonight to reoccur for the Brumbies as the ball is knocked on in contact less than 10 metres out.
Speechless... But for all the wrong reasons... The Brumbies win a scrum penalty YET AGAIN. They tap and go but almost immediately knock the ball on, YET AGAIN!
Rinse and repeat. Brumbies scrum penalty. Will they knock it on this time? Only time will tell.
TRY! BRUMBIES! MILLER! 30-12. At long last the Brumbies make it work. Will Miller gets it close to the line and has enough strength, and more importantly control, to shove his way over the line. Important try for the Brumbies who deny the Rebels a bonus point with that.
Not sure what happened there, as the Brumbies took the conversion attempt quickly and somehow managed to miss from in front.
FULL TIME! REBELS 30 - 12 BRUMBIES! An excruciatingly boring second half comes to an end as the ball is put into touch. A game which had so much promise after a brilliant first half sadly faded into mediocrity, however the Rebels will be elated to come out with a win. The Brumbies lead at the top of the table is reduced to just 4 points now, with 4 rounds remaining.
2' Reece Hodge
15' Brad Wilkin
22' Reece Hodge
37' Jordan Uelese
17' Joe Powell
79' Will Miller
16' Matt Toomua
38' Matt Toomua
19' Bayley Kuenzle
31' Matt Toomua
52' Matt Toomua
Drop Goals
Yellow Cards
40' Thomas Cusack
Red Cards
Cameron Orr
Jordan Uelese
Jermaine Ainsley
Matt Philip
Trevor Hosea
Josh Kemeny
Brad Wilkin
Isi Naisarani
Frank Lomani
Andrew Deegan
Marika Koroibete
Matt Toomua
Campbell Magnay
Andrew Kellaway
Reece Hodge
Scott Sio
Folau Fainga'a
Allan Alaalatoa
Darcy Swain
Nick Frost
Rob Valetini
Thomas Cusack
Pete Samu
Joe Powell
Bayley Kuenzle
Andy Muirhead
Irae Simone
Tevita Kuridrani
Solomone Kata
Thomas Banks
Efi Ma'afu
Cabous Eloff
Pone Fa'amausili
Mike Stolberg
Richard Hardwick
Robert Leota
James Tuttle
Bill Meakes
Connal McInerney
Harrison Lloyd
Thomas Ross
Ben Hyne
Will Miller
Ryan Lonergan
Mackenzie Hansen
Len Ikitau