It's a sublime evening for rugby, with virtually no wind to speak of and an air temperature of 17 degrees celcius. The players should be able to express themselves and create a fantastic spectacle of open rugby.
The sides have met 18 times with the Reds winning 10, the Rebels winning 7 and 1 draw. Today will be the 9th meeting at Suncorp Stadium where the Reds have won 5 of the clashes between the sides. The 1 draw between the sides was the game earlier in the season - the teams couldn't be separated even after two extra time periods.
Today's referee is Damon Murphy, assisted by Nic Berry and Jordan Way, with Brett Cronan on TMO duty.
It was a comfortable 30-12 victory for the Rebels last time out and they've made just one change to that side, with Pone Fa'amausili taking the 3 jersey from the injured Jermaine Ainsley.
The Reds are coming off an absolute drubbing having lost 45-12 to the Waratahs away last weekend. They've made 4 changes to that side, with Straker and McReight coming in for Zander and Scott-Young, McDermott coming back at scrumhalf in place of Malolua, and the most notable of changes is the return of Jordan Petaia on the right wing, replacing Bryce Hegarty.
REBELS STARTING XV: 15 Reece Hodge, 14 Andrew Kellaway, 13 Campbell Magnay, 12 Matt To’omua (C), 11 Marika Koroibete, 10 Andrew Deegan, 9 Frank Lomani, 8 Isi Naisarani, 7 Brad Wilkin, 6 Josh Kemeny, 5 Trevor Hosea, 4 Matt Philip, 3 Pone Fa’amausili, 2 Jordan Uelese, 1 Cameron Orr. RESERVES: 16 Efitusi Maafu, 17 Cabous Eloff, 18 Charles Abel, 19 Esei Ha’angana, 20 Michael Wells, 21 Richard Hardwick, 22 James Tuttle, 23 Billy Meakes
REDS STARTING XV: 15 Jock Campbell, 14 Jordan Petaia, 13 Hunter Paisami, 12 Hamish Stewart, 11 Filipo Dauguna, 10 James O’Connor, 9 Tate McDermott, 8 Harry Wilson, 7 Fraser McReight, 6 Liam Wright (C), 5 Lukhan Salakaia-Loto, 4 Angus Blyth, 3 Taniela Tupou, 2 Brandon Paenga-Amosa, 1 Jack Straker. RESERVES: 16 Alex Mafi, 17 Jethro Felemi, 18 Zane Nonggorr, 19 Tuaina Taii Tualima, 20 Angus Scott-Young, 21 Scott Malolua, 22 Bryce Hegarty, 23 Josh Flook
Hello and welcome to coverage of this round 7 Super Rugby AU clash between The Queensland Reds and The Melbourne Rebels at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.
It's the Rebels who get the game underway as Matt Toomua sends his kick off into the Reds 22.
The Rebels will have the first lineout of the game, just outside the Reds 22. They look to open the space up out wide and do alright, but Toomua is penalised for leaving his feet when he looked to clean the defender out.
A few kicks exchanged from both sides, with the Reds looking to escape their half for the first time this game. They're gifted the opportunity to do so, as Hodge kicks out on the full under no pressure.
The Rebels get a scrum in their own half and work a wonderful set play from the back, putting Kellaway through on the wing. He carries up to the Reds 22 before he's brought down but the tackler is penalised for not rolling away. Hodge kicks to the corner.
PENALTY! REBELS! TOOMUA! 0-3. O'Connor is blown up for an offside penalty at the lineout. Toomua opts to have a shot at goal and has no trouble putting his side in front.
Daugunu's kick off chase is perfect, as he times his tackle to whack Wilkin who knocks it on inside his 22.
Petaia goes close on the right wing before his supportng forwards are held up on the line. Magnay is penalised for playing the ball illegally and the Reds opt to pack down a 5 metre scrum.
The Rebels defence is strong, pushing the Reds backwards in the first 8 phases. McDermott makes half a break and earns his side penalty advantage as play continues. Damon Murphy blows his whistle, going back for a high tackle against Brad Wilkin, 7 metres out, where the Reds set a scrum again.
TRY! REDS! PETAIA! 5-3. A monstrous scrum from the Reds gives them the go forward with the Rebels collapsing. McDermott picks up and gets tackle but is able to offload to Jordan Petaia who is over for the try!
CONVERSION! REDS! O'CONNOR! 7-3. James O'Connor converts, reaching 600 Super Rugby points in the process.
A little left foot jab kick through from Toomua sat up in space for Koroibete but he couldn't collect, knocking on into touch on the Reds 22.
Fa’amausili knocks on in the tackle at halfway. It's retrieved by Stewart who immediately kicks it over the defence. Toomua tracks back to field it but is forced to dribble it into touch under pressure.
Let off for the Rebels, as the lineout feed from Paenga-Amosa is not straight.
Paisami gets it in space on halfway but it's good defence from Koroibete, who stays strong and tackles him into touch.
Plenty of kicking at the moment with neither side really gaining the upper hand. Lomani puts the last one into touch near halfway.
Toomua had a number of options and looked for a deft no-look ball on the inside. It would've been great if it came off but he's knocked it on.
Truly not much action to report at the moment... Kick after kick for a few minutes now.
TRY! REDS! PAENGA-AMOSA! 12-3. Commnetator's curse but in the best fashion! Campbell decides he's had enough of this kicking. He takes one in, skins the defender and runs in up, slicing through the Rebels defence beyond halfway. He looks up to find Daugunu in space on the wing. The big man gets some footwork going, getting it close to the line and throwing a magical offload behind the defenders back to Paenga-Amosa, who forces his way over!
CONVERSION! REDS! O'CONNOR! 14-3. It's a super conversion by James O'Connor from out wide.
The Rebels get some territory and are intent to make the most of it. It's all gone wrong after 10 phases though as the ball is knocked on.
The TMO is having a look at a potential no-arms cleanout against Matt Philip. He's not guilty enough to get sent to the sin bin so play continues with a Reds penalty on halfway for an early tackle on Jordan Petaia.
The Rebels look to launch a bomb across halfway but Magnay knocks on in the kick chase.
The Reds work it short-side from the scrum to Daugunu who carries to the Rebels 40. Nothing comes of it except the start of another kicking duel, which is ended by Kellaway finding touch on halfway.
Toomua spots some real estate and finds it. Daugunu is forced to collect it and the Rebels chase is good. Luckily for the Reds, they get a relieving penalty for playing the halfback. Touch not found though.
HALF TIME! REDS 14 - 3 REBELS. The siren sounds an the ball is kicked into touch. The home side will be happy to be on top in a game where the Rebels have had the lions share of territory. It's been a game dominated by territorial kicking so far; let's see if anything changes in the second half.
We are back underway as O'Connor kicks off into the Rebels 22.
The Reds are penalised for not releasing the tackler. Hodge kicks to the corner.
The Rebels go within inches on a few occasions but the Reds somehow hold out! Inspirational defence and it's eventually a turnover by Fraser McReight who gets over the ball and wins a penalty!
The Reds lose it at the lineout and are then caught offside. They take it quickly to keep this high octane start to the half going. It's not worked out as Naisarani knocks it on after a few static phases.
Hodge looked to launch a counter and chipped a kick over but Campbell gets around to mark it inside his 22
Great quick hands from the Rebels creates enough space out wide to carry it into the Reds 22. It's the story of the game so far for them, as they knock the ball on and come up empty handed despite the territorial advantage.
93% possession and 82% territory for the Rebels in the 2nd half so far. The Reds will take a lot of confidence having kept them at bay so far.
Dreadful kick from Hodge, who gave it the full monty from his own 40 metre line, overcooking it in centre field, rolling out over the dead ball line.
Lookout! The freight train Pone Fa’amausili makes a linebreak and carries it into the Reds 22. A good tackle made on him by Petaia but the Rebels retain possession. They get rewarded with a penalty as Angus Blyth is caught offside. Hodge goes to the corner.
The Rebels get the maul set well and are forced to breakaway as the Reds collapse it. It's held up over the line so the Rebels will kick it out and have another go.
McReight got his hands on the ball as the maul broke away but he's done so illegally. The Rebels have opted to go for a scrum this time.
Lomani picks up at the base of the scrum and gives it to Naisarani who hasn't done enough to get the ball down! Incredible work from McDermott who managed to roll Naisarani over as he made the tackle to hold the ball up.
Rebels are struggling to get anything out of their attacking advantages at the moment. 14 phases around the Reds 22 this time, ending with a Koroibete knock on and Reds clearance to halfway.
Billy Meakes picks up from the base of the ruck and makes a break up the middle! The ball is recycled quickly as the Rebels go close. Resolute once again from the Reds! They somehow manage to keep the Rebels out, holding the ball up again!
This is just phenomenal from the Reds! 14 phases right on their line but the Rebels cannot get it over! It's a penalty to the Rebels though and Deegan puts it in the corner. Can the Reds keep the Rebels at bay any longer?
Oh no! The maul was rumbling forward in the hands of Isi Naisarani. He was in the process of dotting the ball down but he's knocked it on! The Rebels have had 93% possession in this half but remain pointless! A memorable defensive display from the Reds, regardless of what happens in the rest of this game.
Fraser McReight makes the steal and O'Connor clears into the Rebels 22.
YELLOW CARD! REDS! PAENGA-AMOSA! Interesting decision from Damon Murphy, who to his credit did give the Reds a warning when they were on their line. It's Paenga-Amosa who will spend the rest of the game in the naughty chair for repeated team infringements.
The Rebels get a penalty in their own half as a Reds player is penalised for not rolling away.
A poor pass to Lomani, who has moved to centre. It's too far in front of him and he knocks it on near halfway.
TRY! REDS! STEWART! 19-3. Huge play from the Reds! It's their first opportunity of the half and they strike immediately! O'Connor carries to the line and holding it up before putting Stewart through in a gap. The centre is strong and shrugs off the last stitch tacklers to slide over the line and probably win it for the Reds!
The try goes unconverted, with James O'Connor pushing his kick across the uprights.
Tualima is penalised inside his 22 for not rolling away. The Rebels have decided to tap and go.
Deegan carries out wide and looks for an offload but he's knocked it on in the process. This impressive defensive performance from the Reds continues, as the Rebels remain scoreless in the 2nd half.
The Reds clear from the back of the scrum to their 22 metre line.
FULL TIME! REDS 19 - 3 REBELS! It's a terrific defensive performance from the home side, who shut the opposition out in the second half, and even manage to get a late try to earn a bonus point victory! The Rebels weren't clinical enough with the possession and territory they had and it cost them dearly.
13' Jordan Petaia
27' Brandon Paeng...
72' Hamish Stewart
14' James O''Connor
28' James O''Connor
7' Matt Toomua
Drop Goals
Yellow Cards
69' Brandon Paeng...
Red Cards
Jack Straker
Brandon Paenga-Amosa
Taniela Tupou
Angus Blyth
Lukhan Salakaia-Loto
Liam Wright
Fraser McReight
Harry Wilson
Tate McDermott
James O'Connor
Filipo Daugunu
Hamish Stewart
Hunter Paisami
Jordan Petaia
Jock Campbell
Cameron Orr
Jordan Uelese
Pone Fa'amausili
Matt Philip
Trevor Hosea
Josh Kemeny
Brad Wilkin
Isi Naisarani
Frank Lomani
Andrew Deegan
Marika Koroibete
Matt Toomua
Campbell Magnay
Andrew Kellaway
Reece Hodge
Sean Farrell
Jethro Felemi
Zane Nonggorr
Tuaina Tualima
Angus Scott-Young
Scott Malolua
Bryce Hegarty
Joshua Flook
Efi Ma'afu
Cabous Eloff
Charles Abel
Esei Ha'angana
Michael Wells
Richard Hardwick
James Tuttle
Bill Meakes