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The conversation Alexander-Arnold had with Klopp that made his mother 'burst into tears'

Jurgen Klopp and Trent Alexander-Arnold (Getty Images)
Jurgen Klopp and Trent Alexander-Arnold (Getty Images)

Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold recalls the conversation he had with manager Jurgen Klopp that made his mother "burst into tears".

The 21-year-old academy sensation exploded onto the Premier League scene as a teenager under the guidance of the German tactician.

He made his debut, to his surprise, against rivals Manchester United in January 2017 at 18-years-old following Nathaniel Clyne's injury.

But prior to his selection, the defender remembers the day Klopp told him that he would start at Old Trafford.

"We trained on the Saturday, and then travelled to Manchester and stayed over, just a normal match day," he said as quoted by the Daily Mirror.

"And then we have a walk about three hours before kick-off, and the manager came over to me and put his arm round me and said, ‘Are you ready?’

"I was so confused. He said: ‘Are you in?’ I said yeah, yeah. And he said: ‘OK, well I need you to start today.’

"He said my face dropped. That’s how I felt, I was so shocked. I went back to my room and called my mum and she literally just burst into tears."

"I was starstruck, I was nervous, I was really shy," he added.

"Everyone tried to help me, they all understood how nerve-racking it was stepping up."

Liverpool has since been crowned 2019/20 Premier League champions after Chelsea beat Manchester City last week.

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