Jantjies denies drunk claims

2011-03-06 19:03

Brenden Nel - SuperSport

Johannesburg - Springbok youngster Elton Jantjies’s management have come to his defence after a report in a Sunday newspaper linking him to a night of indiscipline when the Boks were in Wales last year.

Jantjies was named as being part of a group of management and players who were reprimanded by Springbok management for breaching team protocol before the game against Wales.

But in a statement the flyhalf’s management say there are no truth in the allegations, and Jantjies was never involved in the incident mentioned in the newspaper.

The incident was named by the newspaper Rapport as the reason why Springbok scrum coach Os du Randt’s contract was not renewed this week. According to the report, Bok assistant coach Dick Muir and kicking coach Percy Montgomery were also reprimanded along with Jantjies.

But the statement, issued by Jantjies's agent James Adams, denies any wrongdoing for the young flyhalf.

“Elton Jantjies profusely denies the allegations as reported in one of the Sunday newspapers. The comments made by an uninformed journalist are appalling that they have gone so far as to brand the youngster in a bad light,” Adams said.

"He (Jantjies) was not drunk and opted of his own accord to head home just after midnight," Adams continued in his statement.

According to Jantjies's management the true facts are as follows:

1) Elton was out with friends and was not out with the Springbok management. The Springbok management just so happened to turn up at the same venue later that evening.

2) He was not drunk and opted of his own accord to head home just after midnight.

3) He was not playing the next day and therefore did not breach any team protocol.

4) He was rightfully not reprimanded in any form by any officials from SARU and had no role whatsoever to play in certain instances that apparently happened that evening.

Jantjies is under pressure after his Lions team suffered their third defeat in this year’s Vodacom Super Rugby competition, and according to Adams, the young star does not need these allegations at a time where he should be concentrating on rugby.

“Elton is a promising and focused player and for a newspaper to drag a young player through the mud with no facts is uncalled for. Elton is not a big party guy. He is one of the hardest working players and does a lot of extra work on his own outside of his everyday team training.”

“He is a true professional and respects the rules and procedures put in place by both the Springbok and Lions management at all times.”

  • Sofa King. - 2011-03-06 19:26

    Jantjies was definitely blasted against the Blues!!

  • Straight Forward - 2011-03-06 19:33

    "True professional", my a@@e

  • Heinie - 2011-03-06 19:45

    sometimes people say the wrong things at the wrong place. in my view u r more pissed than any drunk person who has at leaqst the excuse of been drunk. u r a scum and bad for this page please just leave LEAVE

      POLLENYS - 2011-03-06 21:43

      Earl Rose has always been afraid to tackle and is just a bad egg. Ran to Uncle Snor when things did not go his way at the Lions.

  • POLLENYS - 2011-03-06 19:53

    Fools always rush in to condemn young players. Give him a break and a decent chance.

      squeegeepilot - 2011-03-06 21:26

      What? We did that with Earl Rose and look where that got us. Let him work his way up - 2 years in Vodacup etc...

      maniegeldenhuys.geldenhuys1 - 2011-03-07 07:58

      Yes, whatever. Players need to perform at superrugby and Springbok level, Thats why they get paid more than R 800 000 a year, it's not a thing of "Sorry buddy better luck next time" if players are not performing a better played should replace them

  • meyer1 - 2011-03-06 20:52

    Let's face it... Elton Jantjies would never have been considered if he was white. end of story... He is an average player that has been given a huge opportunity through politics and now he can't live up to the moment.He has single handedly lost three games for the Lions... For how long must his poor, hardworking, awesome team mates be subjected to his mediocrity?

  • Richard - 2011-03-06 22:13

    Janjies is kuk. Klaar.

      Johnny - 2011-03-07 07:57

      ...Elton Jantjies = average quota player.....

      Fikile - 2011-03-07 09:11

      another sharks supporter? Lions is going to eat shark meat.

      seeps.mazi - 2011-03-07 09:51

      The Lions are on a solid 17 winless streak Fikile - keep dreaming buddy

  • Graham - 2011-03-06 22:21

    Leave the guy alone. He is young and we'll still see him playing in a world cup day!

      Armand - 2011-03-07 11:14

      That's fine,but let him go practice for the world cup in another team and not the Lions.

      kosie - 2011-03-07 15:02

      yeah maybe world cup 2015

  • gerhard - 2011-03-06 22:43

    This not about the man's rugby, it is about pathetic reporting. RE his rugby, ja he is off, but it is not his fault, it is the leaderless bunch that try to lead this country. He is just doing what we all would have done.

  • Wesley Robertson - 2011-03-06 23:50

    This boy should be playing under 21 rugby. He is not ready to play with the groot manne yet. The only thing he is great at doing is not kicking the ball out when he is supposed to, instead kicking it straight into the hands of the opposition back three with great accuracy, which has had very bad consequences for the Lions. Luke McAllister also ran right through him on Saturday leading up to one of the Blues' tries. Give us Burton Frances, who at least knows how to play senior rugby - he learned it at the Bulls and knows how to win matches.

  • Guido Griffin - 2011-03-07 07:00

    No one ever achieved anything without being given a chance. Very few to none do not stumble when given that chance. Yes he is young and yes he has a lot to learn but it takes time! He has more than enough talent and potential to make it! Give the guy a break! He is a very good rugby player FACT! If you have nothing constructive to say just keep quiet!

  • p.m.hofmeyr - 2011-03-07 07:01

    Pity that people like staight forward can along with others crucify a young talent like they do. The problem lies with his coach and the other selectors. Sitting on your couch like a big fat couch potatoe screaming obsenities at the tv screen must put you all in the same class as the so called fisherman in the Cape!!!! whats the difference only the couch. Rather acknowledge the youngster has talent. lt may be that he has been blooded to early, the season is also in the early stages. Rugby fanatic

  • Vince - 2011-03-07 09:06

    The boy is talented, give him a break but by the same token as his agent says ' he was not playing the next day' clearly shows that management let him down. When you are in a team squad you should prepare along with the chosen 22 incase of sudden withdrawals of platers in your position.

  • Vince - 2011-03-07 09:08

    Sorry, should be players not platers ( thats for Ricky)

  • MJ77 - 2011-03-07 11:32

    I think the reports are true. Was at Ellispark on Friday evening and he played like a drunk (as he has been doing all season). John Mitchell should give him time off to sober up otherwise the Lions will record their 30th loss in a row at the end of the superurgby season. Earl Rose II. He is a Springbok, no excuses of being a youngster accepted.

  • TheBokFan - 2011-03-07 12:42

    Keep concentrating on your playing and your game Jantjies and dont let these attempted distractions get to you. You are destined for great things and youre a great player

  • Amanda - 2011-03-07 16:42

    Jantjies has talent but I personaly think he should play for the Vodacom team. He's costing us points and a win. I feel so sorry for the rest of the team that plays for a win but just never get there. Same for me who has been a Lions supporter since the days when they were called Transvaal. Please man boys we want a win for a change. Why not try Burton Francis and see how it goes. Please coach John Mitchell just try it. Jantjies is still young and will get a lot of chances to play. Lions needs to win from now on. GO LIONS!!!!!

      Mark - 2011-03-07 20:59


  • shylet.noxie - 2012-06-28 21:08

    i believe that when sumone is giving his all,people tend to be jealousy and want to print a bad name on that particular person,even though elton was drunk why bother cause he deserves to live a little bit and have fun...sumtymz we need to reason for other

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