10 signs he’s bad in bed


Sometimes, we only discover our new man is a bad lover after we’ve done the deed. Learn how to spot a bad lover before you take your clothes off.


He gobbles down his food

Beware the guy who gobbles down his food, because he’s bound to rush things in the love department. You want one who takes his time and savours every morsel. You also want one who is prepared to be a little adventurous. A restaurant is a good place to see if a man can keep a conversation going while ordering wine, cracking open a lobster and admiring your earrings. If he can multi-task in a restaurant, he can multi-task in the bedroom.

He brags abour previous conquests

Don’t trust a man who brags about all the women he’s had sex with, or who claims to be a great lover. It’s just a sign of insecurity. Gentlemen don’t kiss and tell. A good lover will do his talking between the sheets.

He dresses like a slob

Or his nails are dirty, or his breath stinks, or his shoes need polishing ... whatever it is about the guy, if it bothers you, beware. A man who can’t be bothered with basic hygiene or essential grooming isn’t worth your time. And do you really want a man with dirty, ragged fingernails going anywhere near your lady garden? Thought not.

He dresses like a dandy

A snazzy dresser is a delight to behold, but there is such a thing as being TOO fussy. If he’s better dressed than you, and looks around for a mirror every time he enters a room, he’s probably more concerned about what HE looks like than taking care of YOUR intimate needs. If he’s too fastidious, it just spoils the fun for everyone. You want a man who’s clean and well-groomed, but not so prissy that he turns his nose up every time you want the two of you to get down and dirty.

He wants to go dutch

A man who insists that you pay for every meal and every drink is going to be mean and stingy in bed. He will insist you do this and that to make him happy, but he will never stop to ask, “So honey, what can I do for you?” It’s all about his pleasure, and making sure he gets every bit of value out of the relationship that he can. A man who is generous with his money will be generous in bed, too. If you find a man like this, hold on to him: he’s a keeper.

He’s got no rhythm

A man’s walk, or the way he dances, says a lot about him. If he moves with grace and confidence, it’s a good sign that he’ll have bedroom moves to match. However, if his arms and legs are all over the place, it shows a lack of co-ordination – highly frustrating when you’ve reached a point in your lovemaking where co-ordination is of the essence ...

He’s very shy

He’s nearly 40 and he can hardly look you in the eye without blushing. This may be endearing at first, but if he remains shy on the second date, it may be time to look for someone a little braver. Do you really want to spend all your time teaching Mr Shy Guy every trick in the bedroom? Really, sometimes we just want a man to take charge and TAKE us. And for that, he needs to be strong, confident, and just a little bit dangerous.

He’s a lousy kisser

Kissing is a prelude to sex. If your date doesn’t know how to kiss, he’s certainly not going to know how to make love. Trying to suck your tongue out of your mouth, keeping his mouth closed, or gnashing his teeth against yours are all a no-no. So is staring at you while he’s doing it, as if he’s looking at something under a microscope. A kiss should make your toes curl and leave you both in a daze of delight. If the kiss doesn’t work, the sex won’t either.

He loves talking about himself

A man who talks about himself a lot will, at first, seem confident, but check the content: is he talking about himself in a way that makes you feel emotionally closer to him, or is he just bragging? If the latter, give him a miss. Sex will be a me-me-me affair. A good lover can articulate his feelings without feeling weak or vulnerable.

He plays hot and cold

You’re in a bar and you spot him. He’s hot, well-dressed, and could be a catch. But his eyes glaze over when you talk to him, he keeps on casting his eyes around the room for other talent, and has to ask you your name more than once. But just as you are about to leave, he gets all flirty and attentive, and starts angling for an invite home. Don’t give this guy the time of day – or night. He’s just into quick selfish sex, and he’s the baddest lover of all.

Original article by: Helene Lee

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