10 things you need to know about sex



1. Is it possible to be sexually compatible to someone but be allergic to the sex?

Yes, some women, and thank God this is a small number, can have a condition called Seminal Fluid Hypersensitivity, where their bodies are allergic to proteins from a man’s sperm. The first case was diagnosed in 1958. Symptoms include wheezing, tight chest, itching, swelling, vomiting and diarrhoea, which can lead to shock and death in extreme cases. This can happen 30 minutes after sex or days later. To save their relationship, a couple must strictly always use a condom.

2. How many calories do we burn during sex?

If kissing burns 68 calories an hour, massaging and foreplay clocks 80 calories, oral sex shaves off 100 calories and the actual act usually burns between 144-150 per hour. If you started it all off with a romantic dance, or some sexy pole dancing moves before the real action, you could add 110 more calories. This makes a whopping total of 502 calories, equal to a 30-minute workout while carrying a heavy bag. It’s not enough to bust those thunder thighs but I’d choose the shag any day, thank you.

3. Can giving my boyfriend a blow job choke me?

You sound like you are quite knew at this, and excuse the pun, worry that you may suck at this sucking business. Quite frankly, unless someone sets out to choke you with something harder than a penis, you cannot choke while doing a blowjob, as your natural reflex will protect you from harming yourself. You can only get better with practice and I’m sure the boyfriend will not mind making himself available for you to try a few moves on him. Just make sure to be enthusiastic and not put on that ‘oh my God I’m about to choke’ terrified look, and you will start enjoying giving him all the pleasure he needs.

4.Is it true that orgasms relieve period pains? My man insists on regular sex during my periods, citing this as a fantastic free benefit.

It’s generally advised that mild exercising helps alleviate period pains, but apparently orgasms can expel the bad hormones that cause pains. I would not replace my painkillers with a round of sex, however, because when you have severe dysmenorrhoea, sex is the last thing on your mind. If you do love your sex with the juice, choose elevated positions that will not put stress on your bloated uterus.

5.What is erotic lactation?

Some men apparently get sexually turned on by pretending they are infants and being breastfed by women when they are lactating. It’s also called lactophilia or milk fetishism. Strange, I know, but there are some interesting freaks out there.

6.What do men mean when they say they don’t want to go out with a loaded gun?

It’s a line made famous by a movie, There’s something about Mary. Some men  believe it’s wise to jerk off and unload their guns so to speak, before going on dates with a woman they have not yet had sex with. Carrying a loaded gun means they will be constantly horny during the date and may not manage to last  if they get lucky.

7. What is semen made of?

It’s made out of several enzymes and hormones, including zinc, citric acid, fructose and potassium.

8.When was the Kama Sutra first published?

History says this famous sex guide book was composed around 400BC. For Generation Y children like us, it’s basically since the beginning of time. Writer Vatsyayana wrote the book according to Hindu principles, and various versions of it have sold millions of copies worldwide.

9. I recently woke up next to one of my hottest male clients after a night of wild drinking and sex and wished the earth could just swallow me. I usually nurse one glass of chardonnay at parties but after two bottles at a recent event, my nympho alter ego was unleashed and I practically threw myself at him. Is it true wine makes women horny?

Absolutely. It’s a trick men relied on for decades and now there is research to back this up. A study done at the University of Florence, Italy, proved that red wine improves sexual desire in women when certain chemical compounds from the wine directs a flow of blood to a woman’s sexual organs. The study says the opposite is true with men, as red wine makes them sleepy.

10.Is it true that there are certain sex positions guaranteed to conceive a baby boy? After two girls, my husband and I are desperate for a boy and want to try everything.

Legend has it that spooning and women on top positions are not good if you want a boy, but the missionary position is best for that. Some research has a better explanation. Apparently the Y chromosome, which affects the sex of the child, is the fastest swimmer but the one most likely to be killed off first when entering the uterus. Positions such as the modified missionary with a pillow under the woman’s bum are good for the direct deposit and more survival chances of the chromosome. Sex standing up is also advocated as this means the Y fast swimmer will have an advantage over the X chromosome lazy swimmer which will be ejected first. You choose what you believe.

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