5 ways to avoid loose skin during weightloss

Saggy skin can quickly take the joy out of reaching your goal weight. In extreme cases, surgery to remove excess skin is the only solution, but if you have a few kilos to lose, you may be able to retain firm skin with these tips. Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.28.35 PM Avoid losing weight too quickly According to studies, losing weight too quickly does not give your skin enough time to adjust, thus it becomes saggy and loose. Don’t crash diet Avoid unhealthy diets because you’re most likely to gain the weight back, making your skin flabby. Research shows that crash diets also eat at your muscles and protein, including collagen. This can lead to loss of elasticity. Do strength training Diet plays a pivotal role in weightloss, but excersice is just as important. With strength training you can build muscles, which help burn fat, and make your body strong. Gaining muscle can also help fill up the stretched skin as you lose the fat, advises US health company, Muscle For Life. Adopt a healthy lifestyle Smoking, sun exposure and yo-yo dieting can be hard on your skin. These things will also age you quicker. A study by the International Association of Ecologic Dermatology revealed that smokers had more wrinkles, pigmentation and saggy skin. Supplement your diet Important vitamins such as the B vitamins, fish oils and zinc can improve skin elasticity. Consult with your doctor regarding which supplements are best for you and in what doses.