7 ways to deal with a cold sore


Cold sores are just one of those icky things that happen as the air gets flooded with viruses in winter. If you’ve been so unfortunate as to get one, here are things that you can do to help it heal.

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Stop touching it

It’s very hard keeping your hands away from a sore. But, there’s no need to keep touching it just to check if it’s still there. Trust! It will still be very much there. Cold sores usually present as blisters, so resist the urge to pop or pick at it to avoid further infection.

Try over-counter meds

Cold sores don’t last much longer than a week, and a visit to your nearest pharmacy may be all you need to deal with it. There are medicated lip balms, gels and other cold sore busters that you can purchase over the counter.

Avoid kissing

Sharing, in this instance, is definitely not caring. Kissing will do nothing but spread germs. Plus, it can be sore… and a bit gross!

Say NO to oral sex

No matter how close you and bae are, you really don’t want to introduce a new breed of viruses to the genital area. Cold sores are caused by a Herpes Simplex Virus which is contagious. But, unlike the genital herpes virus (which has no cure), the cold sore virus lasts for about 7 to 10 days. It would really be better to wait than take the risk.

Give lipstick a break

A cold sore can be seen through your favourite crimson red lips. The unfortunate thing is that, you really shouldn’t use that lipstick ever again – who knows what germs remain behind.

Wash your hands

Hands spread germs, and with a cold sore, it’s important to wash hands at every opportunity available. Washing hands ensures that all germs you pick up from surfaces are not transferred to your sores. Open sores provide a great entry point for bacteria and other germs to enter the body.

See a doctor

As soon as your sore peaks, it should start to heal from then on. If it’s going nowhere after seven days, seems to spread or is extremely painful, it may be time to see your GP.

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