Break bad sex habits


You’re better in bed than you think you are. In fact, you’re great in bed. However, like the rest of us, you’ve possibly become a little bit lazy sometimes.

No-one can be totally sexy all the time, because real life and the realities of studying, working, parenting and housework get in the way. And like any part of a relationship, once you get too comfortable, bad habits start to creep in.

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Thankfully a few quick changes can inspire you to go that extra mile.

Stop wearing pyjamas to bed

Putting your pyjamas on before you get into bed, or worse, leaving one leg in your pyjamas while you’re having sex, is not a turn on. You don’t need us to tell you that isn’t sexy.

Sort it out

Make yourself get into bed naked. When your man gets in next to you, cuddle up to him, then reach down and take hold of his penis while you go in for a kiss. Little thrills like this really make a difference.

Stop rushing foreplay

Sometimes getting ready to go out can be more fun than the actual party. Well, the same can definitely be said about sex. Everyone loves an orgasm, but as tempting as it is to get stuck in, rushing foreplay reduces your chance of climaxing.

Sort it out

Next time you’re in bed, try not to have full-on sex. You can use fingers, mouths and hands, but you’re not allowed any penetration for at least 30 minutes. Try getting your man to give you an erotic massage.

Stop not liking your body

We guarantee your man won’t have noticed your wobbly butt – he’ll just be excited to see a bum. The worst thing you can do is point out things you don’t like about your body and make them an issue.

Sort it out

Your partner clearly loves seeing you naked – that’s why he’s always trying to get you into bed. Sex appeal is not about your body shape, weight or breast size. It’s all about what you do with your body and how you show it off. Next time you want to moan, stop and say “I love my bum” instead. The more you say it, the more you’ll believe it. Don’t be afraid to get your guy to tell you all the things he loves about your body, and ask about your wobbly bits. If he says he’s not a fan, then say, “See you later!”

Stop chatting during sex

If you’re on top and suddenly remember that you still need to pay the phone bill, keep it to yourself. It’s easy for your mind to wander during sex, but anything non-sex-related instantly kills the mood.

Sort it out

It’s really easy to keep your thoughts focused on what’s happening if you tell your man about it. Sex should be used as an opportunity to forget about the boring details of everyday life, so make the most of it.

Not changing positions

We are always told to savour the moment when having sex, but the truth is that at some point or another, we’ve all wanted it to be over already. It’s in these situations that we stick to our fail-safe positions that we know will help us climax.

Sort it out

The only way to combat this is to keep experimenting until experimenting itself becomes second nature. Changing positions means you both receive the sexual stimulation you need, and when couples vary positions, women are far more likely to orgasm. Identify your fail-safe orgasm position. For example, if you always climax on top, begin with him on top, and then roll around so you’re on top, after which you both sit up, then get him to lie down so you’re in control. To finish, turn round so you’re in the reverse cowgirl position.

Switch off the TV

If you’ve perfected the one-eye-on-the-TV,-one-eye-on-your-man sex move, award yourself 10 points for multi-tasking, but zero points for sexiness. The TV is a massive distraction that stops you getting lost in the moment. Turn it off.

Sort it out

Either initiate sex by seductively walking over and switching the TV off, so your man knows you mean business, or get into a position where you’re fully absorbed in him, not Generations. Try the rock ‘n’ ride position. Get your man to kneel on the sofa with his legs tucked under him. Climb on and sit high on top of his thighs, so you’re riding him with your legs around his waist. Hug him as close to you as possible so he stays deep inside you. Do this while keeping eye contact with your man and you won’t be able to have a cheeky look at the TV.

Original article by Abbie Pethullis

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