How sex can boost your health


how sex boosts your health

Sex is more than just pleasure and intimacy between two people, it has some great health benefits.

American science fiction writer Robert A Heinlein is quoted as saying, “Sex without love is merely healthy exercise”, and he had a point. Call it sex, love-making, the dance, what ever suits you, it all boils down to one thing: bumping and grinding. Two bodies working up a crazy sweat for a moment that could last a couple of minutes to a session that can take a couple of hours. And when it’s done…you bound to feel good (we hope). It’s very refreshing to know that sex is not just about the pleasure and that there are some great benefits. Sexologist Babalwa Funda kaMabhoza says that the benefits of sex include physical wellness, disease management and prevention, emotional wellness and relationship bonding and spiritual growth. It’s said that an apple a day keeps the dentist away, kaMabhoza says, “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”.

Helps you cope with stress

It’s the night before a hectic presentation for your boss, or you need to ask for a raise or even give a talk to a group of people – have sex. Sexuality expert, Timothy Kieswetter says that studies have shown that people can cope a lot better with stress when they regularly enjoy sex. “This is a result of the serotonin hormone which is released during pleasurable sex. It causes the body to relax and cease producing adrenalin which is present during stressful circumstances,” explains Kieswetter.

Studies have also shown that people who have regular sex, at least once a week over two weeks were better able to manage stressful situations and lower blood pressure. The endorphins released from an orgasm help you distress, relaxing your mind and body. Nothing can beat that moment you are with you’re naked, vulnerable and working up a sweat.

Boost Immunity (Fewer Colds)

Like getting regular exercise, doing the dance regularly can help you avoid coming down with a cold.

“Studies have shown that sex twice a week increases the level of antibodies in your body which helps prevent you from getting sick,” says Kieswetter.

The antibody that is increased in this moment of body heat is called Immunoglobulin A (IgA); it’s the antibody that helps combat diseases and keep the body safe from colds and flu. According to kaMabhoza people that have sex at least twice a week have less chances of contracting a fever.

So go ahead, save your trips to the doctor and get intimate with your partner.

Burns Calories

While you are thrusting you naturally work out your back, bum and thigh muscles. “A 30 minute session can burn up to 200 calories,” says Kieswetter.

This will obviously depend on how long your session is and how active you get. To get the maximum results from a session, like when you work out at the gym, you need to put in some effort. Lying there and letting your man do all the work will not result in you burning many calories. Put some effort in it, meet him half-way, feel the burn and know that you are not getting pleasure but toning you body at the same time. kaMabhoza adds that “sex has been proven to be one of the form exercises that involve all the muscles of the body; from kissing to the sexual act itself”.

Improves Heart Health

To maintain a healthy heart beat, sex is one of the ways to keep you in top shape. “Sex is instrumental in reducing blood pressure and preventing heart disease,” says kaMabhoza. She explains that majority of heart diseases are caused either by increased blood pressure and or deposition in the blood vessels that might be due to a number of reasons and therefore leading to the compromised functioning of blood vessels.

“Sex is one of the natural cardiovascular exercises hence it can result in decreased chances of heart disease,” further explains kaMabhoza.

And this benefit is also great for your partner.

“Sexual intercourse two or three times per week halves the chances of your man having a heart attack. This is because of the healthy blood flow and the blood pressure that sex promotes,” says Kieswetter.

Other diseases that sex counter acts include endometriosis, the quality of sperm and decrease the chance of prostate cancer.

Better Self-Esteem

We’ve all heard how looking good will allow you to feel good and to add to that, make love to feel good. kaMabhoza reveals that during sex the body will increase the production of a hormone called youth promotion hormone, “which is directly linked to feeling good”. It helps improve the immune system, give you better sleep, decrease stress and increase exercise – all these things have been proven to leave one feeling good and believing in themselves in all spheres of life.

“One is bound to feel more confident, at ease and content with yourself as a result of intimacy with your partner,” Kieswetter.

May Turn Down Pain

Ladies the “I have a headache” excuse is played out. Forget pain killers and hugging your pillow, grab that man and get your freak on. Studies have revealed that endorphins released during an orgasm closely resemble morphine and they effectively relieve pain.

“Endorphins are released into the blood during sex, which decreases pain and gives an over-all feeling of well-being. Sex strengthens the PC muscles – this muscle is also responsible for holding back urine, so sex helps against incontinence,” – Kieswetter.

Helps stabilise moods

Kieswetter explains that studies have shown that sperm contains certain elements that work as an anti-depressant. But fear not, sperm doesn’t hold the key to your daily dose of happiness, but the brain. The area of the brain that is responsible for happiness is situated in the area of the brain that is referred to as the limbic system. “This area is reported to be stimulated by any and everything that we like and sex is on the list,” says kaMabhoza.

More happy hormones are released during the dance; dopamine and serotonin. “Serotonin is known to create

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