Mrs Gigabyte speaks


Norma Gigaba, wife of Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba sets the record straight after Buhle Mkhize alleged she had an affair with the politician.

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I regret responding to Buhle

I have only one regret about last year’s revelation, when a woman I’d never met before publicly said she’d had an affair with my husband, Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba. I regret having responded when Buhle Mkhize provoked me. I called her a prostitute on social media, and in so doing, portrayed myself as a petty, jealous woman who goes after Malusi’s groupies. This woman demanded money from me to keep quiet about her alleged affair with my husband, threatening that if I didn’t pay, she would go to the press. I called her a prostitute because it was a fitting word for what she was doing. Unfortunately for me, our spat happened on a public platform. I hate how all this depicts me as rude and harsh.

I will never apologise

If I could remove my comment, I would. But I’ll never apologise to that woman. I did nothing wrong to her. The assumption is that I found out about the affair and to retaliate, I called her names. What the public doesn’t know is that she started contacting me via email in December 2014, two months after Malusi and I married. Our public squabble happened a year after she started tormenting me via email using a pseudonym and revealing details of her alleged affair with my husband. I responded once sarcastically to one email, thanking her for enlightening me about the matter. I didn’t and still don’t see her or her emails as a threat. I didn’t want to entertain her yearning for fame. If you have a crush on my husband, don’t include me. When she saw I wasn’t giving her attention, she moved on to Instagram to attack me. That’s when I responded by telling her that if she wanted to go to the media with her story, she could.

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I don’t have an illegitimate child

Mkhize accused me of hiding an illegitimate child; I only have my boys. Malusi has a daughter from his previous marriage whom I adore. Mkhize misunderstood my strength. I’m not in this for fancy titles; ours is real love. He’s a public figure and I understand there will be women like this one, so I don’t bother with them. When she ran to the media, it wasn’t a big deal. I was relieved. I had prepared myself mentally a year before she did because she kept threatening to do so. When her “big secret” was out, I wasn’t embarrassed. People make cheating a big deal because Malusi is a public figure, but lots of women are cheated on. Malusi isn’t a saint either. If I had caught him red-handed or suddenly read in the papers about her, then I would be hurt. That didn’t happen. Instead, she attacked me and has never contacted Malusi. How she connived and approached me makes me doubt everything she says. If she had a relationship with him, it’s between the two of them; why include me? Her plan was to terrorise me until I left the marriage. That will never happen and I won’t fight with my husband based on assumptions. When the scandal broke, I needed to protect Malusi and be by his side, as I knew some people would judge him. My friends and family were supportive because they know my personality isn’t the one portrayed in the papers. The irony is that she thought she’d wreck my marriage, but her stunts brought us closer.

We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred
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