Not all vaginal discharges are bad


The vagina is one the cleanest organs as it cleans itself. However lifestyles and menstrual cycles can create a harsh environment, which may lead to the bad discharge.

Gynaecologist Dr Karen Morton says: "Vaginal discharge is perfectly normal. If a women is not on the Pill and is at reproductive age, then there are very few days in a normal menstrual cycle where she would not expect to not have a discharge. Most women will have an increased amount of vaginal discharge during pregnancy, particularly in the later stages. As long as the discharge isn't smelly, itchy or blood stained then nothing needs to be done."

These are the types of discharge:

Clear to whitish colour is normal depending on your period and cycle.

Cloudy or yellow as well as pain while peeing can mean Gonorrhea, which is a sexually transmitted disease.

Frothy, yellow or greenish with a bad smell could be the result of Trichomoniasis, which is a parasitic infection typically contracted and caused by having unprotected sex.

Thick, white, cheesy could mean a yeast infection especially if there is itchiness and irritation.

White, gray, or yellow with fishy odour could be bacterial vaginosis which is a mild infection in the vagina caused by not having enough good bacteria.

You should also note that things like antibiotics can factor in as they can kill the good bacteria and result in infections. Also be careful of fragranced soaps, bubble baths, and lotions as they might do more harm than good to your vagina’s PH balance.

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