Strange sex conditions that are no joke


Though peculiar, they are far more common than you think.

Sexsomnia Sexsomniacs have sexual intercourse or masturbate while sleeping. Like sleepwalking, they have no idea what they are doing until they see evidence or are told by they partners. This condition is related to a cluster of conditions that include sleepwalking, sleep talking or eating, night terrors and bruxism (teeth grinding). A sexsomniac can also sleepwalk out of the house and engage in sexual activity with strangers. Stress, sleep apnea, or drug and alcohol use, are said to be some of the triggers, and the condition is treated by treating the underlying triggers. To non-sufferers, it can be hard to believe the existence of the condition. Asexuality Asexuals are people who have zero sexual attraction towards others. They are nether sexual attracted to opposite, or the same sex. While in some presents as no sexual desire at all, some asexual have periods of sex drive, but it doesn’t last long. Asexuality is not a condition that an asexual person can control. So, it is not like celibacy where one chooses to abstain from sexual activity. Asexual can have successful romantic relationships because emotions are a huge part of love. Asexuals consider it a sexual orientation rather than a medical condition. Hypersexuality Many of us find ourselves throwing the word ‘nypho’ around, not really understand how real and debilitating it can be for those who suffer from the condition. Hypersexuality, formerly referred to as nymphomania in women and satyriasis in males, is a sexual addiction. Sufferers are constantly preoccupied with sex, sexual fantasies, masturbation, pornography and anything involving sexual activity to get a high. They may engage in sex with multiple partners, strangers, no strings attached sexual relationships or have a distorted view of people as sexual objects. And would do anything to get their fix, even if it means putting their lives in danger. Just like any other disease of addiction, their lives may go down South very quickly as they may spend all their money on getting sex. Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD): This is also known as Restless Genital Syndrome. Sufferers experience uncontrollable and spontaneous sexual arousal a number of times a day. Though not linked to sexual desire, PGAD sufferers may experience orgasm. There are a number of reports that it’s not just women, but men as well that can suffer from the condition. Some doctors class priapism (an erection without sexual desire, which does not go away) as another type of Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. All day sexual arousal and orgasms can put you in a situation where everyday life is turned upside down. You can’t work, and might confined to your house because of fear of embarrassment.

Errrm, before you start self-diagnosing, speak to your doctor.

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