The ins and outs of period pain


Period pains, most of us get them, sometimes at the most annoying times like when you are out with your friends, at the gym or even while going to the movies. But the real question is why do we get them? Kotex together with their Health Expert Sister Burgie Ireland are sharing all the ins and outs of period pain. 

Period pains are also known as menstrual cramps or go by the medical terms Dysmenorrhea. About half the women in the entire world suffer from period cramps at some point or another so you are not alone.

What causes them? 

Period pains are normally caused by a hormone called Prostaglandins. This hormone actually helps your period to happen. It causes your womb to contract in order for the extra lining that has built up and the egg to exit your body in the form of a period.

When do you get them? 

Period pains normally start right before you get your period and are the worst about a day after you start it. Research has shown that women generally experience period pains 1-2 days before a period and it can last 1-2 days into a period. About 80% of women experience period pain but only 5-10% have severe period pain which is sometimes so painful that it interferes with their daily routine.

Many things can impact period pains like constipation, a bladder infection, poor sleeping habits and diet. For example, not having enough minerals and vitamins and cold weather can worsen the pain.

Since most women get period pains how can we make them less painful:

  • Exercise has been proven to help relieve period pains. Exercising releases endorphins (hormones) that helps to relieve stress and tension in the muscle
  • Over the counter painkillers that are made specifically to target period painsGinger is a natural inflammatory, so drinking ginger tea made with fresh root and honey can help not only with the pain but will help you relax as well
  • Natural remedies such as acupuncture and massages can help decrease the pain as it relaxes the muscles
  • Heat is one of the best medicines for period cramps for example using a hot water bottle or taking a relaxing hot bath will help to relieve the cramps

Using the right products also helps 

  • Being comfortable also plays a big roll, you cannot relax if you aren’t comfortable which is why choosing the right Pad or Tampon is so important. If you are worried about your heavy flow use the Kotex All Nighter Maxi Pad which is the longest and widest in the Kotex range. If a Maxi Pad is not your vibe you can look at using the Kotex Ultrathin Pad, which offers you discretion and 3-in-1 benefits: protection against leakage, maximum comfort and a perfect fit for your body. The Ultrathin Pads are designed with an innovative core for instant absorption and protection against leakage. Kotex also has an array of different sized tampons that have have a unique blue ultra-absorbent zone for extra leakage protection, so you never have to worry about any accidents.

Every woman is different and unique which is why there is no one way to relieve period cramps, you need to find out what works best for you and your body.


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