True Love chats to Survivor SA's Gena Alkana


We caught up with Survivor SA's Gena, her highs, lows, shocks and what really went down on the island! 1. Coming from film and fashion, why did you decide to take part in the show? Well fashion is just one of the many things I do. For the last few years I’ve worked in TV/ Film/ Commercial production and I have my own PR and Management company. Still what I do for a living had no bearing on me wanting to enter Survivor - I’ve always been a huge fan of the show and it’s something that was definitely on my bucket list. 2. How does it feel to be back home? It’s so good to be home, or rather it’s good to be home with the usual creature comforts i.e. food, toilet paper, water, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, razors, CONDITIONER! But I must admit I have days when I wake up and I wish I could be back on that island with my Selatan tribe mates. 3. Do you have any regrets of what you did or didn’t do on the show? I only wish I’d stayed on longer. I really wanted to make it to merge but that was out of my control. Even now in retrospect, I wouldn’t change how I went about playing the game. It was an amazing experience and I made some life long friends while out there! 4. What are some of the survival skills you were taught at home that you took with you or remembered when you were on the island? My Dad used to be a scout, so before I left he taught me a few things, like how to find North, also how to tie different knots - one of which I used when building out shelter (very proud) and hey, did you see Selatans shelter come falling down in the middle of the night and onto a contestant’s leg?! No you didn’t!!! Otherwise I was working up until the night before we left so I had very little time to prep in that way 5. Upon entering the show, what was your survival strategy? To find myself in a good (majority) alliance with people I could trust. And I did… and I was… And if it wasn’t for that tribe shuffle I’d like to think that the Rugrats alliance would have stuck it out and the “core four” would have made it to the end! 6. Since you’re a very trusting person, what went through your mind when David betrayed you? Well I didn’t know that until I watched the show.
It really was a disappointment. Just a few days earlier David had come to me and said that I was the only one that he trusted and that I was the only one who made an effort and included him. So I really was disappointed that the second we got onto the other island he proceeded to throw me under the bus by telling the new tribe about our alliance on the other side and that I was part of the core for, because undoubtedly- once they knew that they were determined to get me off before the merge. 7. How tough is the show actually? It’s REALLY tough. In fact I get really frustrated when people doubt the authenticity of the show and even after you tell them they still think it’s all pretend. I think that undermines the show and what we went through. We really were hungry. I for one have never been that hungry in my life and hope I never am again. You have NO toiletries… You have to go dig a hole when you need the toilet, the sleeping conditions are so uncomfortable. By day 4 your body is so bruised you can’t get comfortable and get a good night’s sleep, so you’re also tired the whole time.
It really is testing!

  8. Who are you hoping would win now that you’re out? I would like Graham to win. He isn’t playing the type of game I would play, but from what he’s said he’s been preparing for this game his whole life - researching, reading books, watching stuff, so for that reason I feel he deserves to win. 9. What kind of character/attitude do you think you need to have to win the show? I think there’s a part of you that needs to be pretty brutal. You need to be able to lie and not feel bad about it - I couldn’t just go through it thinking “it’s just a game”, because honestly it isn’t just a game, or at least for me it wasn’t. I’d made friends, people have feelings. It does however give you a clear insight into people’s character - who they REALLY are! 10. What’s next for Gena Alkana?
Well Texas Battle and I are working on a few projects together. We are starting a his and hers streetwear clothing range - I’m really excited about that. We are also starting a NPC/ Foundation together to help kids. I’m passionate about orphaned children (I volunteer at an orphanage and my dream is to have a children’s home), while he wants to help develop kids who have talent but don’t have the means to develop those talents and skills. Other than that, I don’t know. I’m playing it one day at a time… who knows?! ?

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