Queen B explains the origin of her Lingo

Judd Van Rensburg
Judd Van Rensburg

In our June cover story, she explained where the lingo comes from. “How my cousin Pinky and I speak on Being Bonang is exactly how we’ve been speaking our whole lives. We’ve been calling each other bo-Moghel for as long as I can remember”, she says.

When asked how it makes her feel to see people catch on to how she speaks, she mentioned it was mind-blowing and all of this she does by just being her true self.

The following are our favourite Bonang lingo:

·      (Mogerl) referring to her girlfriends.

·      (Bafe) meaning to give.

·      (Minora) used for describing slay.

·      (Ha e duma) to keep on going.

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