Practical ways to handle a toxic work environment

Woman speaking to a colleague at work.
Woman speaking to a colleague at work.
Klaus Vedfelt/ Getty Images

Monday mornings are always tough for Lihle Manzi*, a 32-year-old senior developer. Walking into the office, she often has no idea of the kind of day to anticipate because her boss’s moods are erratic. When it’s a bad day, there’ll be screaming, shouting, threatening of firing and public declarations of incompetency. “He once kicked three of us out of the office,” she recalls.

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“But, in his fury hadn’t explained if it was for the whole day or just a couple of hours. We were terrified. So, we satin the cafeteria until home time in case he changed his mind and wanted us to work the rest of the day.” Her department has high attrition because of its head, Manzi says.

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