How accurate is your star sign?


For millennia, people have believed that the base elements of earth, fire, water and air are the key building blocks of our planet and hold the key to the universe and all its mysteries. The ancient Greek philosopher, Empedocles (495 to 435BC), identified these elements and believed that they made up not only our planet but also its people.

Today these elements are still thought to hold magical powers, and each sign of the Zodiac is classified under one of the four elements, each of which epitomises distinct characteristics and personality traits. Take a look and see if you can identify yourself in the elements described below.

Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
These personalities are quite literally fiery and quick to flare up in a temper, but are also very driven, career-minded and self-sufficient. So if you don't mind the odd explosive incident, a fire person can be great to have on your team.

They are also warm, sociable and spontaneous, and have energy and enthusiasm to burn. Their abundance of energy can be a bit overwhelming, so you have to draw clear boundaries for them. On the down side, our feisty friends can be bossy and forceful.

Fire and romance: Fire signs are often attracted to no-nonsense earth types, who can stabilise and centre them.

Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
Far from being air heads, air people are generally bestowed with a lightning-fast mind and an ability to think on their feet.

Always on the move, even if our air-oine appears to be relaxing, her mind is often racing from one thing to the next. When playing your next Trivial Pursuit championships, you want an air person on your team. Generally chatty, cheerful and sunny, they develop social skills early in life and they tend to be erudite. They are also logical, broad minded and unprejudiced.

The flipside of air signs is that they tend to struggle with emotion and find it very difficult to open up. They can also be cold and impractical.

Air and romance: Emotionally challenged airs are drawn to water signs, who are more than happy to wade through emotional issues.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
Earth people have their feet firmly on the ground and tend to be sensible, practical and reliable. When things go wrong you want a solid earth person at hand.

Earths are very sensual creatures and love material comforts. They also like to find a use for everything and are great fans of recycling. They can, however, get too caught up in repetitive routines and forget to use their imagination.

Their earth-bound sensibilities can make them conservative. Another negative point is that their love of luxury can also make earth signs a little too materialistic.

Earth and romance: More stable earth people are often drawn to fire's excitement, although they may struggle to put up with their unpredictability.

Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
Water people are emotional beings: soft, deep-thinking, intuitive and responsive. Sensitive to the moods of others, and easily influenced by what's going on around them, they can flow from one emotion to another with great ease.

Great lovers of home comforts and family, water people are compassionate by nature and cannot help but care for anyone who is down and out. There are very few emotions that intimidate water signs. However, be aware that swimming in so much emotion can lead to self-indulgence and depression.

Water and romance: Waters are drawn to other waters, as well as to the logic and reason of air signs – they love their chattiness.

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