Do you wish you had glowing skin à la Pearl Modiadie? 8 summer skincare tips to try

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Pearl Modiadie
Pearl Modiadie
  • With summer around the corner, the warmer weather brings with it its own set of skin concerns.
  • Sunburns, rashes dryness and blemishes are among the skin problems that can be more prevalent in summer.
  • This is due to excessive heat, exposure to the sun and skin-dehydrating indoor cooling systems like air conditioners.

There are plenty of skincare solutions from products to improving lifestyle habits that can help manage common skin concerns.

Daria Jelavic, FOREO’s PR manager for the Middle East and Africa region, and Ruan Winter, marketing manager for professional skincare brand Vitaderm, share common skin issues and how to manage them.

1. Cleanse face twice a day

Breakouts are one of the most common skin problems during summer. The combination of perspiration, oil and makeup can clog pores and lead to breakouts. If you’re prone to breakouts, be sure to clean your face twice a day.

As Pearl Modiadie once said she makes sure to remove her makeup before going to bed.

In a previous interview with TRUELOVE the media personality said, “My beauty routine consists of good skincare, so, a good cleanser is a must for me, a good serum and a good moisturiser and my number one is sunscreen. Every single day, without fail, I wear sunscreen. Even when I’m indoors I wear sunscreen because there’s a lot that affects our skin that we don’t really take note of like our phone screens. And not sleeping with makeup on.”

Pearl Modiadie
Pearl Modiadie

2. Use sunscreen

With the recent unprecedented hot temperatures, it doesn’t take much to get sunburned. Should you find yourself being overexposed to the sun, drink plenty of fluids and apply a cool compress to the sunburnt area.

As a preventative measure, sunscreen is your best friend. Ruan says the sun’s UV rays can cause the breakdown of collagen and causing abnormalities in elastin, leading to thinner skin and can cause uneven pigmented patches to develop. He recommends you use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more daily.

3. Stay cool for heat rash

Heat rash, also known as miliaria, is a type of rash that occurs when sweat glands become blocked. This can happen in hot, humid weather or after spending time in a sauna or steam room.

If you have a heat rash, you can try applying a cool compress to the affected area. You can also put on loose, breathable clothing to help reduce irritation.

4. LED light therapy for mosquito bites

With the warmer evenings, it’s easy to get tempted to leave your windows and doors open. But, as many of us know, mosquito use this opportunity to buzz around our homes and leave us with bites that may result in itching, swelling and redness.

If you want to get tech-savvy with your skincare, LED light therapy is said to help with rashes and insect bites.

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5. Exfoliate

Regular exfoliation helps with sun damage or skin discolouration and allows for skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

6. Stay hydrated

Your water intake can directly impact the health of your skin. The recommended daily water intake may vary depending on your activity level – the more you work out, the more water you need. 

7. Get enough sleep

While we sleep, the skin regenerates itself, which helps it stay healthy. Beauty sleep is very important, and it’s recommended that adults get at least seven to eight hours a night.

8. Cater to sensitive skin

“If you have sensitive skin, look for skincare products that are focused on skin sensitivity, products that are toxin-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and parfum-free,” Nicole Sherwin, founder of South African Indie brand Eco Diva Natural.

Nicole adds, “If you have dry skin, look for products that are rich in plant-based hydrating properties and provides deep nourishment. This can be found in natural and organic oils, butters and superfood ingredients that are rich in nutrients to bring moisture back into balance.”

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