Here’s how to make your scent last longer

A lady putting on her fragrance
A lady putting on her fragrance


Scent notes are the different fragrance elements within a perfume. A perfume is created so the top note is what you instantly smell, while the middle and base notes emerge after wearing it for a while. Decide beforehand which scent families you like best.

Top notes are light, fresh, and evaporate the fastest. You will smell the top notes in a perfume immediately after it is applied to the skin. Top notes get lost during the colder months as the scent doesn’t rise as easily from your skin like it does when it’s warm. So choose one that’s a little more potent.  Any citrus scent is considered a top note.

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You will notice middle notes once the top notes fade. Floral scents like rosemary and lavender are considered middle notes. Base notes are the most dominant and are perfect for the winter months. They are the heaviest and last much longer than top and middle notes. Base notes are warm, rich and most noticeable after your fragrance dries. Some popular base notes that are found in perfumes include vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, and musk.

Spray the fragrance on a piece of cardboard or paper. This allows you to smell the individual notes or scent families within the perfume.

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Women’s fragrances come in three different levels of concentration. Fragrances with high concentration have a more powerful scent and last longer. The highest concentration is called perfume or parfum. This level will usually last all day with just one application to the wrists or pulse points. The next lower level is eau de parfum, which typically last about six hours after application. The third level is called eau de toilette. This usually requires more than one application throughout the day to get it to linger.

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Apply scents immediately after showering. Your pores will be open, which allows deeper absorption. Fragrances rise, so apply them from your feet to shoulders. A fragrance applied to the neck rises and disappears. Spray stronger perfumes at the ankles for the fragrance to radiate upward. Less concentrated fragrances should be applied to pulse points. Heat helps emit the perfume from your body, so any pulse points like your inner elbows, neck and behind your knees are wonderful places.

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If you spray fragrance onto your wrists, don’t rub them together as this bruises the notes, altering the scent. You can also spray your delicious smelling scent onto the skin under your clothes. Avoid spraying it directly onto your clothes to avoid staining the fabric. Spritzing your fragrance on your hair can also leave a lovely lingering scent, but the alcohol can dry out your strands so be careful.


Dry skin does not hold fragrance well, so use an exfoliator or body lotion first as moisture retains scents. The layering effect of shower gel, body lotion and your fragrance will help it last longer. Apply a little petroleum jelly to the areas where you’ll apply the perfume. This helps the scent last longer.