The low-down on vegan beauty

Vegan beauty
Vegan beauty

Global beauty brands are in a race to supply the growing demand for products that are environmentally friendly and ethically produced. A report in the New York Times in August 2018, estimates that by 2025 vegan beauty products will be a R312 billion business. This incentive pushes global brands to think outside of the box to meet the demand. Vivienne Joseph, Group Head of Beauty at Woolworths says, “It’s no secret that many brands in the beauty industry have met their fair share of controversy due to unethical and environmentally irresponsible practices and are now opting to also go green”.

Locally, W. Beauty successfully launched their 100% vegan make-up and skincare products in 2019. Now, more South African brands are committed to meet the growing demand for vegan skincare, make-up and hair beauty products. And as cosmetic companies are forced to be more transparent about the ingredients they use, it can only be great news for consumers. 


The “vegan” certificate guarantees that the product does not contain any animal ingredients such as beeswax, collagen, gelatin, honey, lanolin, carmine, cholesterol, or other animal- derived ingredients. But it must also be pointed out that not all animal products are “bad” or “harmful” says Fabian Franz, the director of organic brand Team Doctor Joseph. Vegan also implies that the product has not been tested on animals during the production process. So vegan-friendly products use natural, alternative sources such as plant or fruit extracts instead.


One of the biggest benefits to come out of the vegan beauty movement is that it’s pushing consumers to assess ingredients and to question and research what they’re buying. Vegan beauty products have fewer ingredients than non-vegan products. This is good news for the conditions of your skin as they generally also have an anti-aging effect and help with uneven skin tone. The secret lies in the moisture and vitamins which vegan products contain. And if you’re against animal testing, it will be stated on the label of the product. Vegan body care products contain a lot of water so they are likely to hydrate and prevent dry skin. Plant-based ingredients are easy for your skin to absorb, so if you put those two things together, you’ll constantly have hydrated skin.

Sensitive skin benefits the most from vegan products. This is because it’s difficult for the skin to become irritated if the ingredients are plant- based. The fewer ingredients in vegan make-up means they are less likely to cause acne rashes or dry out your skin. It’s worth nothing that just because the label says vegan, it does not mean that the quality is compromised. In some cases, it’s even better than traditional body products because allergies are not a big concern. There is less chance that you will be allergic to certain plant-based products. But, if you’re still worried, you can have peace of mind by simply testing it on your wrist before applying it all over your body