8 key takeaways from the Mohale: On The Record interview

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Mohale Motaung
Mohale Motaung
Supplied by Showmax
  • Mohale Motaung sat down with news anchor Aldrin Sampear to share details about his failed marriage to Somizi.
  • Mohale alleges that he was physically assaulted, asked to participate in sexual fantasies and missed work opportunities because of Somizi's misuse of power.
  • Showmax's Mohale: On The Record interview is available for streaming from 4 August 2022.

The highly anticipated interview, in which Somizi’s ex-husband Mohale Motaung shares his side of the story about their failed union has finally aired on Showmax and is available to stream on the platform from 4 August 2022.

Sitting down for almost an hour with news anchor Aldrin Sampear, Mohale shared shocking details about their relationships and made allegations about things that led to their divorce. Some of these details include an alleged assault, infidelity and misuse of power, among others.

The 52-minute-long interview begins with a light-hearted conversation about Mohale’s upbringing and sees his mother, father and two siblings speak about the type of child Mohale was and how proud they are about his school achievements and career thus far.

Aldrin then asks Mohale about his sexuality, and Mohale explains how he only discovered that he was gay when he was in Grade 12.

“I didn’t know I was gay, I just knew that I was different because I would sort of question the attraction I had towards girls and how I would feel when I’m with another boy,” Mohale tells Aldrin.

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“So, I knew I was different but I didn’t know it was called being gay or what being gay was until I started doing research in matric and realised that I was attracted to men, even though I had a girlfriend,” he continues to share before revealing shocking details about his relationship with Somizi.

Here are eight key takeaways from the interview:

Mohale was never Somizi’s fan

Addressing the claims that were made on the latest season of Living the Dream with Somizi by Bahumi and Palesa where they claimed that Mohale got into a relationship with Somizi because he was a fan. Mohale disputes this and explains that he only went to Somizi’s book signing because his cousin had asked that they go together.

“I wasn’t a fan of Somizi but I knew him and liked how he advocated for our community. I can’t speak for them (Palesa and Bahumi) because maybe that’s how they saw it because they spend a lot of time around people being Somizi’s fans. I was definitely not a fan,” he says before describing how Somizi was the one who pursued him at the book signing and afterwards.

Vusi Nova would try to save their relationship

Addressing yet another comment that was made on Somizi’s reality show, this time by musician Vusi Nova about never having liked Mohale. Mohale says this surprised him because he would only speak to Vusi when he was contacted by him, asking that he fixes things with Somizi.

“I only met Vusi Nova three years into the relationship,” Mohale explains.

“When the relationship was taking its toll and we were not okay, Vusi would always be the one to intervene. He would call me and say ‘please fix things with my friend’ and that’s literally the only time,” he continues before saying that he was shocked that Vusi did not like him because they hadn’t spent much time together.

“Vusi came to the house probably three times when I was there, so I wasn’t sure how he reached the conclusion to say he didn’t like me,” he says.

Somizi asked for a threesome a day after they got engaged

After speaking about the events that happened around the time Somizi proposed to him in Paris, Mohale reveals that Somizi suggested that they bring in a third person in their sexual life.

“The advance of the threesome happening was made in Orlando’s presence,” Mohale says.

“We were dancing and having fun and then Somizi walks up to me and says ‘what do you think about threesomes?’ I’m like I’ve never had to think about them before because I’ve never had the desire to do anything of that sort,” he continues before saying Somizi then suggested they have a threesome with Orlando.

Mohale also proceeds to tell Aldrin that this request was not a red flag to him because he did not think anything was happening between Somizi and Orlando.

“I overlooked everything and don’t regret anything because I was in love and just wanted to see our relationship working out. Anything else at that point didn’t really matter,” he said.

Mohale never wanted the relationship to be public

Mohale claims that Somizi is the one that insisted that their relationship becomes public.

“I never wanted the relationship to be public, but he insisted we post a picture to announce our relationship to the world,” Mohale says.

When Aldrin asked whether that was a sign of Somizi being controlling or being firm, Mohale responded by saying he believed that Somizi used power dynamics to control him.

“I was 22 and was gullible to believe anyone who was 24 years older than you,” Mohale says before adding that he felt like a pawn in Somizi’s life.

“Somizi had everything in his life figured out and the only missing puzzle was marriage. He wanted to do whatever it took to make sure that the puzzle is complete and perfect,” he continues.

Somizi assaulted him for the first time in their home

Mohale details the first alleged physical assault he experienced from Somizi and says it happened upon Mohale’s return to their home from a Durban trip.

“For me, it was about seeing the person like I’d never seen him before. He was angry at the fact that I went to work in Durban,” he explains.

“I remember when I walked in he had a bottle of champagne in his hand and the first thing he asked was where am I coming from. I was surprised because he knew where I was coming from but he claimed I was lying. As I was changing my clothes, he started spilling champagne on me and started beating me,” Mohale alleges.

“His main up in all of that, I remember him saying that he needs to mess up my face because this beautiful face is messing up things for him and I remember having to cover up my face because the shoes he was wearing were really going to damage my face,” Mohale continues.

“He started hitting me on my ribs and I couldn’t walk and would crawl down the stairs. At that point, I believed that my ribs were broken because I couldn’t move that part of my body,” he tells Aldrin before saying that he then went to a doctor friend of his, who examined him and found that his ribs were not broken but stretched.

Mohale says this was only one of the other times he was allegedly assaulted by the Idols SA judge.

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Somizi told Mohale to resign and allegedly blocked his opportunities 

Contrary to how some people on social media say that Mohale was only after Somizi’s money, he says that Somizi was actually the one who did not want him to work and even convinced him to resign from his job.

“At the time when the influencing work came, I was unemployed and resigned because he asked me to,” Mohale says before claiming that Somizi wanted him to be a house husband and when Mohale did not fulfil that, it became a problem in their relationship.

Mohale then alleges that because work opportunities were coming, Somizi used his influence and powers to stop those opportunities from materialising.

“Somizi spoke to TT Mbha and asked him to tell people not to hire me. I discovered I was missing out on gigs and I was very hurt that my husband and his best friend cooked up a story to make sure that I don’t get that gig with the Fergusons,” he says.

Mohale also says that Somizi and TT were no longer friends because when Mohale confronted TT about this, he was honest and Somizi was angry at TT for not covering up for him.

Mohale cheated at the beginning of the relationship

Mohale also spoke about how he wasn’t completely innocent in their relationship and admitted to cheating early into their relationship.

“I cheated three months into the relationship and it’s not something I’m proud of because it hurt me to see him hurt that way. I had no reason to cheat and was just being selfish and I didn’t think about him or how he would feel,” he says before detailing how Somizi found out about the infidelity.

Mohale denies wanting 50 percent of Somizi’s estate

Disputing what has been reported about their divorce settlement and what Somizi has said on his reality show about it, Mohale says at the beginning of the divorce he only wanted his clothes, to be paid for the damages made to his car and money from their wedding special. 

“I had stated in the documents sent by my lawyers that I want my clothes, the car he had bashed and the money for the wedding,” Mohale claims before adding that Somizi was actually the one who suggested that they have a joint estate.

I’m shocked to hear him say I want 50 percent,” Mohale says.

When Aldrin asked if he had received anything from Somizi like the reality show had claimed he did, Mohale says to date nothing was sent to him.

“Those boxes they showed on the show were never received by me. The car damage was caused by Somizi running me over with his G-Wagon after an argument and he hasn’t fixed it. The money for the wedding special is still with Legend Manqele and was supposed to be shared between the two of us. The money cannot be released because Somizi wants it to be paid to SARS but my lawyers are dealing with that situation,” Mohale concludes.

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