Celebrities who've had cosmetic surgery done, plus what types they had according to an expert

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Fashion model Rosette Ncwana.
Fashion model Rosette Ncwana.
Oupa Bopape/Gallo Images via Getty Images
  • Celebrities such as Rosette Ncwana, Khanyi Mbau and Angela Basset are among the few stars who have opened up about enhancing their looks.  
  • Board-certified reconstructive and plastic surgeon Dr Deon Weyers weighs in on some before and after images of these celebrities.
  • Dr Deon says another treatment popular among A-list celebrities abroad are non-invasive skin and tissue-tightening procedures like Ulthera or Ultherapy.

We asked Dr Deon Weyers for his professional opinion on some before and after images of celebrities believed to have cosmetically enhanced their looks.

Dr Deon Meyer
Dr Deon Meyer

This is what he had to say:

Angela Bassett

An aspect to consider is Angela’s very defined facial bone structure. Strong or defined cheekbones, jaw lines, or angles of the jaw provide the foundation which (within reason) will serve one well in the future.

Botox or neurotoxin treatments. These can range from R1 500 to R7 000, depending on areas done. In Angela, Botox has smoothened-out frown lines between the eyebrows and ‘worry lines’ over the forehead, and it has opened up the eyes to the sides, removing what is referred to as the ‘crow’s feet’ wrinkles.

Filler treatments to her cheeks. Even though it appears natural, and has been done very subtly, I do think Angela has had filler treatments to her cheeks, jawline/chin, and temples (to the side of the brow/eye area, and near the hairline). Potentially, Angela has also had a very natural enhancement with fillers to the lips. Cost: ranging from about R3 700 per ml.

Angela Bassett
Actress Angela Bassett's before and after.

Angela has a beautiful arch to her eyebrows, which could be due to neurotoxin (Botox) injections or threads (a dissolving, fine medical string – almost like a stitch or suture placed to lift sagging tissues in the face), or potentially even a combination of the two. Cost: anything between R5 000 and R40 000, depending on how many threads need to be used.

Surgically, it does appear that Angela may have had a rhinoplasty (commonly referred to as a nose job), but more for the width of the upper portions of her nose and if any work to the tip has been done, it has been done very subtly, if at all. A non-surgical rhinoplasty is a procedure where the outer appearance of the nose is altered using fillers, typically 1ml or more of the filler may be used to create the desired effect, generally costing R3 700 per ml.

These treatments can have quite impressive results, but the indication and expectation need to be right. Imagine fillers to the no e giving you more of the effect you get with very good make-up tricks. Cost of rhinoplasty: can be about R53 000. Looking at much earlier pictures, her bust looks more curvaceous. Costs for these range from about R48 000 to R58 000. “Also, this could just be due to volume increases from hormonal changes or medication, but could also be surgically enhanced from a breast augmentation. ”

Tyra Banks

Even though debatable, Dr Deon says he thinks Tyra has had some Botox/neurotoxin injections on her forehead, frown lines and around the brow area.

Facial volumising fillers: Tyra hasn't spoken openly about this, but Dr Deon says it looks like the volumising fillers have been done softly in cheek and mid-face region.

Surgical rhinoplasty: One can see, particularly when looking at early photos, and Tyra has also been quite open about this.

Tyra Banks
Former model and media personality Tyra Banks' before and after.

It does appear that she’s had a breast augmentation, but it’s something she denies.

“Tyra has been quite open about cosmetic enhancements, with no judgement, so we must believe her. Her increased bust/chest could also be from hormonal changes or medication, and not surgery,” says Dr Deon. 

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Khanyi Mbau

Non-surgical facial enhancements such as Botox to the frown area, the forehead, and around the eyes might have been done. Potentially, Khanyi might have had Botox to reduce a ‘gummy smile’.

Volumising fillers to the cheeks/midface, her lips, and her nose. It’s difficult to say whether threads have been placed due to her being quite diligent with maintenance and delaying the ageing process, but potentially threads have been used as a non-surgical eyebrow lift.

Surgical rhinoplasty, a breast enhancement with a breast augmentation, and Khanyi may have had a lift if any sagging of her breasts has occurred. Liposculpture to the abdomen: cost can be anything between R85 000 and R100 000.

Khanyi Mbau
Actress and media personality Khanyi Mbau's before and after.

Skin brightening/skin lightening: topical with the use of a cream/peel regime, but also intravenously with glutathione would cost in the region of R700 to R3 000 for one treatment.

Skin in any tone needs to look healthy, but Dr Deon advises that for those who want to brighten or lighten their skin, they must do so with caution as complications of having irregular and darker pigmented patches is a risk and very difficult to correct.

Dr Deon says, “However, Khanyi has done so gradually and without any noticeable irregularity in pigment or tone.”

Rosette Ncwana

Facial: minimal invasive treatments such as Botox/neurotoxin. Again, midface volumising fillers might have been used. But this can be seen just to maintain natural beauty – nothing is overdone. Rosetta looks naturally enhanced. So, areas for fillers include the midface/cheeks, as well as soft enhancements to the nose. Rosetta has a strong facial bone structure as it is, so it could even be down to very effective makeup tricks.

Surgical: a breast augmentation, and possibly some liposculpture to the abdominal area. This will more than likely be paired up with Renuvion technology–an exceptional procedure for skin tightening as it uses heat and helium, causing a gentle skin contraction.

Rosette Ncwana
Fashion model Rosette Ncwana's before and after.

Dr Deon says another treatment many A-list celebrities abroad are doing is the non-invasive skin and tissue-tightening procedure such as the Ulthera/ Ultherapy, ranging from about R20 000 to R46 000. These celebrities can’t afford downtime due to always being in the spotlight. Fortunately for them, Ulthera has no downtime following the procedure.

The ultrasound energy delivered to the deeper layers of the face results in a progressive tightening – halting the ageing process and keeping them looking younger. If done early enough and maintained, Ulthera will certainly delay or even prevent the need for a face lift.

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