Dr Tumi's tips on managing your anxiety around COVID-19

TRUELOVE June cover star, Dr Tumi
TRUELOVE June cover star, Dr Tumi

Do not expose yourself unnecessarily

Limiting your movements gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re safe. Avoid touching any items or surfaces when you’re out.

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Practise proper hygiene, and eat healthily

Never be complacent with washing or sanitising your hands. Drink a lot of water, and cut down on sugars and junk food.

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Take care of your mental health. Don’t over analyse things

Instead, do things that nourish your soul – read a lot and listen to uplifting music. At the beginning of the lockdown, a lot of people were watching the doomsday film Contagion. I kept wondering why people were consuming content that instils fear in them because life still needs to carry on [chuckles]. Empower yourself with as much legitimate information as you can.

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Pray hard

I believe that prayer brings us into a peaceful space. Knowing that there is a powerful force watching over me gives me great comfort. I personally trust that God will see us through this trying period.

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