Fatherhood diary with Dr Tumi

TRUELOVE June cover star, Dr Tumi
TRUELOVE June cover star, Dr Tumi

Of the many epiphanies he's had during Lockdown, Dr Tumi says playing catch up with his sons – Bokamoso (12), Onalerena (six) and Khumoetlile (four) – tops his priorities list. These are some of the lifelong lessons he'll impart on them:

Biggest on my list is teaching them about God. 

Christ is life, and if I can assure them of His love, then I would have done well as a parent.

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To believe in themselves and their gifts. 

One of the things my wife, Kgaogelo Makweya, and I are conscious of is monitoring the boys’ passions. I’m not stuck on choosing a path for then, but I want them to be true to their talents. Through my own experience over the years, I learnt that when you’re living out your gifts, you don’t just become happy, but fulfilled as well. I want to teach them that passion is the biggest driver. I guess I’d like them to look at me as a case study and think: “Dad lived his best life, while pursuing his passions, but didn't compromise on his beliefs." 

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To always be people-centred 

I want my boys to have the heart to always help others because that will take them a long way — and make them do things for the right reasons. Giving, rather than always taking, makes us better people. I don’t want them to ever see other people as lesser human beings just because they are slightly more privileged than them. 

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The naysayers aren't always right 

I want them to go through life knowing that if they believe in something with all their hearts, then that’s all that matters.