“I don’t think I’m getting better, I think I was always that good," - Thando Thabethe on her role on Housekeepers

Actress Thando Thabethe
Actress Thando Thabethe
Austin Malema

I start by sharing how I thought she was great in the debut season Housekeepers, only to leave me in awe of her growth in the new season. She has really grown in leaps and bounds. And lo and behold, she checks me, “I don’t think I’m getting better; I think I was always that good. You are not the first person to say this, and I get that it’s a compliment. It’s just that I was never given a similar role. If I had done another role that is maybe similar to this one, and I turned out better, then maybe you could say that I was, indeed, getting better. But, I have never played a role remotely close to this one.”

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Thando’s role on Housekeepers as the complex and tormented Linda Ntuli is chilling to say the least, and she adds more about the journey to landing it. “I had to audition for this role so many times! And, I can’t blame the producers because they hadn’t seen me in this type of light. I really had to go the extra mile.”

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