One-on-one with Elsa Majimbo

Comedian Elsa Majimbo
Comedian Elsa Majimbo

We fell in love with the Nairobi video star through her viral internet videos that took the comedy scene by storm. The journalism student, famous for her quote, “it’s not by mistake… it’s not” is not shaken by a lot of things, and she does her own thing. Here is what we learnt about her.  

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Why did you study journalism?

I wanted to get into advertising and marketing, and we don’t have any degrees for that in Kenya, but only diplomas; I had to do journalism as a bridge so that I can move to advertising later on.

Why marketing and advertising?

There’s just a thing about enticing people to do something that speaks to me. It’s a very creative space, and you have to be very intelligent and strategic to make it in this industry, and I like a mental challenge. It’s something that tests your intelligence – much like a puzzle – and I like that.

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How do you marry this passion with your career right now?

I’m in a space where I receive a lot of products to advertise to the world, and I have to be very strategic about it. It’s very much like being in the advertising industry, and I’ve got an adjunct to do it younger and earlier than I had expected. The space I’m in right now is a major push to where I initially wanted to be.

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Why did you start making your own videos?

So many things happen on a daily basis. Sometimes, we can’t really address those things, and the Internet is a safe space for that. You can say what you mean, and say everything you’ve always wanted to say, and people will engage with you because everyone has a say on the Internet; that inspired me to make my videos.

How did you feel at when your first went viral?

Initially, it was very exciting, and I was happy about it. After some time I was chilled and calm about. It was very exciting at first, but I quickly got back to my normal routine.

What future do you see for yourself in the digital space?

I thought it was just going to be a digital thing for me, until Comedy Central (CC) approached me. I thought about acting, and I noticed how some of the comedians that were also at CC and how their careers evolved over time. Some of them were stand-up comedians, and because of that I want to evolve my career into something better. I want to get into acting, and I feel like the connections I’ve made will put me a few steps ahead.

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