One on one with Natasha Thahane

Actress, Natasha Thahane
Actress, Natasha Thahane

What was the whole production experience like?

I’m glad that this opportunity came now when I had grown emotionally, professionally and spiritually. I had to thoroughly prepare for the audition, so much so that I wore my full school uniform. I had auditioned for a different character, and ended getting that of Wendy instead. The director really helped us get into character and step into Parkhurst High. Being away from home, shooting in Cape Town was amazing. Shooting was fun – the whole cast and crew were so amazing that we ended up becoming a family, with group chats and all! This really was a fun experience.

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What’s your highlight of the season?

Us coming together as a team to create the series. We all did it. We came together, different as we are, and created this masterpiece.

Something that people don’t know about you…

I’m not like Wendy [chuckles].

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How different are you from her?

Wendy has a voice, and she believes and stands up for a lot of things. But, her intentions are what make people to dislike her. The difference between us is our intentions. I’m also trying to find something that I really stand for. I’m growing into the person that I want to be. Additionally, Wendy doesn’t make wise decisions.

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What words of advice would you give to the young Wendy?

You don’t have to dim someone else’s light for yours to shine.

Looking back at yourself in high school, how does that compare to the Blood and Water experience?

The experiences are completely different – the people around and what they stand for are different. The similarities are being intentional in everything that we do. Wendy is very intentional, especially in the way she articulates things, and that’s how I tried to be in high school. I wanted to be intentional in everything that I did, and make wise decisions. That has made me the person that I am today.

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What’s your favourite high school experience?

The school plays. We would rehearse after school, and sometimes even be excused from class for rehearsals. That is how I fell in love with drama. We did many different plays, and even won Best Cultural School in the Western Cape.