Lala takes us to LalaLand

Founder of LalaLand, Lala Tuku
Founder of LalaLand, Lala Tuku

Tell us about the person behind the brand?

Lala wears many hats, she is a film and TV producer, an actress, director, and voice artist and coach. She is an advocate for the development women within the film and television Industry through the platform she co-chairs, Africa Rising International Film Festival, and now CEO and founder of LalaLand.

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How did LalaLand Luxury come about?

Over time, I developed a relationship with restlessness and trouble sleeping. In 2018, my health suddenly started deteriorating under the strain of high levels of stress which I believe also contributed to my insomnia. I suffered terrible headaches and my blood pressure was out of control. It took a physical, mental and emotional toll on my wellbeing. Strangely enough, I could still function; my body did not have the capacity to know once it could not go on. I was always ahead of my body and mind. I overworked myself. The notion of rest was foreign to me. Until one day, everything screeched to a halt – emotionally, physically and psychologically, I was done. I was forced to slow down and introduce rest into my schedule.

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I realised the importance of sleep and rest, the importance of recharging, and the importance of taking it easy. That, not only is it the act of shutting eyes, but the mental and psychological being one has to draw in to enjoy sleep. As I learnt to fall in love with rest, my passion for the sleep experience developed. This was the beginning of my labour of love.

What does the LalaLand range include?

LalaLand is a premium luxury sleep experience. As an introduction to the line, the range includes ladies and men’s sleep and loungewear, and will unfold the rest of the experience.

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Do you only make silk pyjamas, and why?

Our aim is to provide luxury alternatives for sleep and loungewear to promote rest. Our introductory sleepwear and lounge range currently consist of a luxury satin fabric that is both cool and warm. We are excited about the future of Lalaland pieces.

How was the business funded?

The business was self-funded.

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Who is the brand targeted at and what makes it unique?

It is an aspiring lifestyle brand that seeks to service the hardworking women, men and children into developing a love for self-care and self-rest! Our unique selling point is our pattern and designs. At least 3% of our proceeds will go towards creating plastic mattresses for the homeless.

What inspires you and how does it feed into your work?

I’m inspired daily by the knowledge that I’m here for a purpose, and my duty is to find out what that purposes is.  The celebration of our authentic voices – the need to tell and own our story – this inspires me to always use my voice to better the spaces I operate in. I’m continually inspired by excellence and luxury and this feeds directly into the work I do.

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What are your future plans?

As a lifestyle brand, LalaLand has a few things in store that we are excited about.