How to reach your body goals in just six weeks

Your #Bodygoals In 6 Weeks
Your #Bodygoals In 6 Weeks

If comfort food has been your go-to for the past few months and you’re looking for a solution – but you also don’t want to spend hours sweating it out or trying some new diet – we’ve got you covered!  

Your #Bodygoals In 6 Weeks with True Love

Because we can all relate, we got the experts to create the perfect solution. It’s a specially designed meal plan that’ll get you looking and feeling fab, fast. Ready to live your best life?

Your #Bodygoals In 6 Weeks with True Love will help you do just that! Click here to sign up.

No suffering, going hungry or feeling deprived. The programme is all about wholesome, good food that’ll make you wonder why you didn’t find it sooner.

We’ll kit you out with everything you need to kick-start your low-carb journey, so you can:

  • Kiss those stubborn kilos goodbye
  • Bust hunger and welcome healthy, glowing skin
  • Trade sleepless nights for boundless energy
  • Ace your #Bodygoals and meet the healthier, happier version of YOU!

Each week you get:

  • A weekly intro explaining your week ahead – with some excellent advice and tips
  • Tried and tested delicious recipes
  • A shopping list to make your new healthy lifestyle super simple
  • Easy-to-follow weekly meal plans
  • All you need to know about going low-carb
  • The list of foods that you can eat – and what you need to avoid

Your #Bodygoals In 6 Weeks won’t only help you shed kilos, it will also change the way you think about food. And yes, that means a life-long shift in what you eat and how you shop.

Don’t miss out! Sign up today for only R299 – click here for more information and to get started.