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5 ways to teach kids gratitude

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Mother and daughter, smiling
Mother and daughter, smiling

A great way to teach kids gratitude is by saving money. For example, you can give them R100 pocket money, which they can split into four: R25 for saving, R25 for investment, R25 to spend on themselves, and R25 to share with a family member or a charity. Parenting expert Nikki Bush agrees: “Helping kids learn how to save, invest and grow their money will not only build their self- worth, but ultimately their nett worth, laying the foundations for creating their own financial freedom one day,” Bush says.

Bush suggests that parents try to share supper with their children, at least once a week. “Make time to cook together, lay the table and share a meal. When families sit like that together, children learn to share and take turns in conversations,” she says.

Educational community counselling psychologist, Dr Ingrid Matlwa says you can start teaching gratitude from an early age. “A child of 20 months can already be taught to ‘phaphata’ (clap hands together) to show appreciation when given something, rather than just taking. This along with being taught to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’.” Added to this she also believes parents can practice gratitude with their children as a family. “Things like praying or being thankful for food before you eat. Other families pray together before bedtime to show gratitude for what they have.”

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